Wii Fit out today

Well today Nintendo resealed a whole new revolutionary product for the WIi called the Wii Fit. What this is, is a special exercise video game that costs about $90, and includes its own controller which is a very touch sensitive board. This board measures your weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI- a number which is based on your height and weight), and has special games to help you lose weight and get in better shape while having a fun time. You play the games using by either stepping on the board and doing thinks like yoga, boxing or skiing (skiing requires a special additional game called Wii Ski, and costs $29.99), or using the board as a guide for things like push-ups. The game uses your Mii as the character, and gives encouragement as well as sign of how your doing as you play the game. For more information on the Wii Fit click here. Also for all of you interested in picking up one of these games, be sure to head out soon, because these things sell out quickly (think as fast as Wii itself).

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