HTC Dream Price Comes Out

HTC Dream- only $199.99

As we told you before, T-Mobile and Google plan to officially announce their upcoming new phone- the HTC Dream- on Tuesday. No Tuesday hasn’t come yet (hey the weekend has to come first :) ), but word has leaked via the Wall Street Journal that it will cost $199.99 (same as iPhone 3G) with a 2 year contract when it comes out for T-Mobile. No pricing has been announced for those who want to buy the phone without an upgrade or who don’t want to sign up with a T-Mobile plan (and will probably unlock it and use it on another network like AT&T ;) ), but we expect that on Tuesday, along with the release date.

In the meantime, feel free start saving up some cash for what may be your new phone :) .

Info from the Wall Street (Warning: to read full article you need to have an account to the Wall Street Journal Online).

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