iPad Launching April 3rd, Pre-Orders Begin Next Week

Are you ready for possibly one of the biggest (if not the biggest) tech launches of the year? Have you been desperately waiting to get your hands on an iPad ever since it was announced in January? My friends, that wait is almost over (at least for the WiFi-only version anyway) as Apple today announced that pre-orders on this exciting new tablet will begin next week on the 12th, with a full release of the WiFi version coming early next month, on Saturday April 3rd.

The WiFi+3G version of the iPad will launch later in April, while our international friends in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK can pick theirs up in late April as well.

For those who aren’t sure on pricing of the iPad line, here’s a quick reminder; and see here for all the details on what exactly is the iPad, as well as here for some personal thoughts.


  • 16GB WiFi only — $499
  • 32GB WiFi only — $599
  • 64GB WiFi only — $699
  • 16GB WiFi + 3G — $629
  • 32GB WiFi + 3G — $729
  • 64GB WiFi + 3G — $829

So, anyone getting ready to pre-order some iPad “magic”?

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