htc arrive sprint

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some new Windows Phone 7 phones (we really haven’t seen any new ones since last fall when Microsoft released the new OS), and it’s been even longer since we’ve seen a new Windows Phone come to Sprint. Thankfully for all you Xbox-loving, Zune listening, Windows Phone 7 fans on Sprint your wait to get your hands on the first Windows Phone 7 phone for Sprint is almost over with Sprint and HTC’s official announcement of the new HTC Arrive (also known as the 7 Pro as we told you earlier in the week). And the Arrive looks to be worth the wait, with not just some pretty solid specs but also a sleek design that looks to make it one of the top Windows Phone 7 phones currently out there. Here’s the full specs:

  • 3.6 inch high-res screen with full slide out, tilting QWERTY keyboard– As we told you last week and as you can see in the pic above.
  • 1 GHZ processor– For making sure all your texting, browsing, gaming and everything else you do on your phone goes fast and smooth.
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording
  • 16 GB of built-in storage– For lots of music, movies, pix and games.
  • 3G, GPS and WiFi

And this phone will also run the latest Windows Phone 7 update, called “NoDo,” which brings some nice updates to Windows Phone 7 including faster launching of apps and games, better searching for apps in the Marketplace, and also the long-awaited inclusion of copy and paste.

The Arrive will be available in a little under a month, March 20th, for $200 on a new 2 year contract with data plan and $100 mail in rebate. You can pre-order the Arrive today at Sprint stores with the purchase of a $50 gift card (which you can then use next month to buy the phone).

For more info on the Arrive, see Sprint’s site here.