Wall Street Journal: Sprint Getting The iPhone In October

sprint iphone rumor

Things just keep getting better for Sprint users. If you’re on Sprint and waiting for the iPhone, your wait looks to finally be almost over. According to the Wall Street Journal (one of the most respected news outlets in the country and a place with a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple rumors), Apple will finally bring the iPhone to the Sprint network in the middle of October of this year. Yes, the iPhone looks to be finally coming to Sprint and it looks to be here soon.

Now if you ask us, we do believe this Wall Street Journal article and we do think the iPhone will finally be coming to Sprint this year. We thought this a few months ago and it just all makes sense. Think about it: Sprint runs the same 3G network as Verizon (both use a technology called CDMA which is used in the Verizon iPhone 4), Apple needs to keep up with Android and Windows Phone (and there will be some awesome new Android and Windows Phone 7 phones coming out over the next couple of months to give the next iPhone a real run for your money), and we know Sprint and Apple have been testing an iPhone on Sprint’s network since at least this past June (and they probaly were testing even earlier than that). Putting the iPhone on Sprint now gives Apple the ability to stay ahead and kill a lot of Android and Windows Phone’s momentum while opening up the iPhone to Sprint’s 52 million users. I mean how many of you Sprint users will jump to the iPhone when its time for your next upgrade?

And according to the latest rumors Sprint will not just be getting the iPhone 5 (or whatever the next iPhone is called) but also their version of the iPhone 4 too (this iPhone 4 will be cheaper than the iPhone 5 and may have some updates like a better antenna. This also makes a lot of sense and is like an updated version of what AT&T does right now with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4).

We’ll of course keep you updated as we learn more, but Sprint users– you excited?

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  • dizz0

    getting it!!!!

  • Passaicwireless

    Yes absolutely excited very much!!! Srint is the best cell phone company in the market right now! Their service is excellent and so is their data! It doesn’t stop or slow you down, its theonly company that can actually use the word. ” unlmtd” when it comes to data! I’m assuming all the smart ones will drop their service provider and come to sprint! Android is also an amazing thing, but let’s be honest people the iphone is out of the world! I can not wait!!

    • Leecooo15

      You said a mouth full….

      • MarissaMartinez

        Haha true dat…awh man i have to wait til next year for my upgrade! It will be worth it though!!!

  • Marci

    Can’t wait! I thought I was going to have to leave Sprint after 16 years. I won’t be waiting to upgrade (not up until February), I’ll be in line day of.

    • Klsdarkchild

      Me Too!!!!

  • MarkyMark

    Finally! I seriously cannot wait for the iPhone to be released on Sprint! The crazy thing was that I qualify for a upgrade this month. I was this close to getting the HTC EVO. I’m so excited! I will be getting the iPhone 5! :) Thank you Sprint! You made a lot of your customers extremely happy! Oh and thank you too Apple!

  • Javaris21

    Im getting it!! I just bought the Echo and I love it but the Iphone is better than anything right now!

  • Jeleymusic

    So Upgrading I just became a sprint customer about 6 months ago… I’ll pay the extra upgrade fee… (former iPhone User)

  • Daniquca

    omg! i hope this is true! the evo is free this weekend only at best buy with a 2 yr renewal. but if the iphone is coming next month i will wait!
    but what if this is just a rumor??? omg! what do i do???

    • Leecoop15

      The evo is the best phone out but I am going to try the iPhone 5 if its going to Sprint….. I heard its going to have face recognition as security!!!! Now that along is gonna make me give it a try…. And I have the evo now but I will use it as a secondary phone…lol

  • Punkin716

    Very excited! Wish I didn’t have to wait til March 2012 for an upgrade though :-(

  • Punkin716

    Very excited! Wish I didn’t have to wait til March 2012 for an upgrade though :-(

  • Closum2003

    Ready for an update and tired of paying for 4g service I don’t get. The I phone may be just the ticket.

  • Closum2003

    Ready for an update and tired of paying for 4g service I don’t get. The I phone may be just the ticket.

    • Ashley

      The premium data add on is not for 4g service. Yes, when 4g comes to your area it will not cost any extra, but that data pack was not ever meant to be based on 4g, just because it came out on the 4g phones first, everyone assumed it was for the 4g service.

    • Justsayin

      be careful…4g isnt available everywhere yet….neither is 3g. typically its 2g.

  • Re6_22_03

    is this really true????

  • Lilheath13

    so excited! my phone upgrade is oct. 1st. I will be waiting to get the iphone!

  • VL

    YES!!!!! I surely hope this comes true!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i could care less, except for the fact that my wife is dying for the iphone. i guess she’ll be extremely happy when it launches. if they launch both iphone 4 and 5, she’ll probably get the iphone4 (depending on the price difference). she just wants an iphone… i want apple to burn personally, but hey, it’s her phone. i’ll be showing off my android device, the epic 4g touch when that launches. maybe the nexus prime if that launches within a month after.

    • Anonymous

      LOL android.

  • Love Coach05

    ohh i cannot wait for sprint to get the iphone!!! Im soo ready!! X)

  • Bamismybf

    Yes. I hope it is an upgrade I can get

  • Lewis A.

    I hope sprint offers a 56k modem with it too…what’s that? Oh, thats right, Sprint’s way behind the times. Ok nevermind.

  • Natalya

    Sprint might need to take this off their site then:

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