Tech Terms- Cell Phones

Here are a couple of terms worth keeping in mind when looking for a new cell phone.

Cell Phone Terms:

GSM and CDMA:  GSM is the cell phone technology that in America is used by ATT and T-Mobile, as well as by a majority of countries around the world.CDMA is the cell phone technology that is used in America by Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint, and it is also used around the world, but not in the same amount as GSM. 

3G for Cell Phones: EV-DO and HSDPA/UMTS:EV-DO is a 3rd generation technology used by CDMA carriers Sprint and Verizon. EV-DO is used in order to bring in information like music, videos, and internet browsing to cell phones at a faster speed.
HSDPA/ UMTS are the 3rd generation technologies used by GSM carriers ATT and in the future T-Mobile. HSDPA is a 3.5G technology that brings in information like those mentioned in EV-DO faster than UMTS, which still does it quickly for a cell phone.

Camera Resolution: Camera Resolution is the amount of pixels used in a picture take by a camera. The resolution name for every 1 million pixels is called megapixel. Most camera phones today use at least 1.3 or 2 megapixel.   

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