CES and Macworld- What they mean to you and the future of technology

During the coming days many of the upcoming products in technology like cell phones, video games, computers, TVs etc. will be announced and unveiled to the world. There are two events that really showcase this, and those are the International CES show, and Apple’s Macworld Expo. Some of the products announced at those events include: Windows Vista, Motorola Razr V3xx for Cingular (now ATT), Verizon V Cast TV, Mac OS X Leopard, iPods, iPhone among many others. We”ll be checking up on a lot of the news going on down there at CES and Macworld from sites like www.engadget.com, www.cnet.com, and www.gizmodo.com as well as others. Since both of us are in “finals mode” right now and can’t post often enough to cover everything, we will try help summarize some of the main announcements and what they mean for you, at the end of the week.    

apple-macworld-logo.jpg    ces-logo.jpg

Apple Macworld Logo from 2007       CES Logo 2008


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