New tech from CES: Cell Phones

There were many new cell phones announced at CES from many companies, but here are some of the more interesting ones that we saw.

From Motorola: The Z10 and Rokr E8. The Z10, in terms of looks, looks like many simple slider phones, but it is actually very different. This phone slides out to, in a way, look like a banana in terms of shape (see picture below for better idea). It is also loaded with features like a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, ability to record movies in regular TV quality, a 2.2 inch screen, ability to add a micro SD card to increase the phones memory to 32 GB ( just a note: at this point cards in that high a memory range don’t run cheap), an FM radio, and Motorola’s Crystal Talk technology for better phone conversations. Unfortunately though according to Motorola this phone will not be launching in the US in this particular design, but will be available to purchase unlocked (buying the phone without a contract, this is usually at much higher price because it has no carrier to bring the price down).

The Rokr E8 is another new phone announced by Motorola at CES, and this is a phone that is generating a lot of attention. It is looking so good that gave it one of its Best of CES awards. What makes this phone so cool and different from other phones? For one it is running a completely different keypad. This keypad is not like other phones in that it stays in “phone mood” regardless of what your doing like listening to music, or taking pictures. The Rokr E8’s keypad actually changes from phone to music controls to picture controls based on what your using it for (see pictures below for greater detail). It’s also is promised by Motorola to be a better music player than regular music only devices. Other features on the phone include a 2 inch screen, 2 GB of built in memory with memory card slot to add more, Motorola’s Crystal Talk technology, and a interesting new feature that will let you read text messages while dialing or on a call.

moto_z10.jpg rokr-e8.jpg

The Z10 and Rokr E8 (in keypad and music controls)

From Sony Erricson: The W760 and the Z555a. The W760 was a nominee for Cnet’s best of CES awards, and from what this phone has, it is not a big surprise why. The W760 is a slider phone that at first glance looks like a basic slider phone. This like the Motorola Z10 is loaded with cool features. It has motion control (similar to the ATT W580i which uses its motion controls for skipping through music, though the W760 also uses it for other things such as playing games), 3G that would work in America on ATT’s network (not as of now it is not officially on ATT, but the 3G can be used even if unlocked), a 3.2 megapixel camera, Music Player with the aforementioned “Shake control”, and availability in three colors of fiery red, rocky silver, and intense black .

The Z555a is a very stylish flip phone also with some very interesting features. One of those interesting features is “gesture control” which allows a person to silence incoming phone calls or turn off an alarm by just waving a hand over the screen. Other than that and its diamond style design it is a pretty average cell phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, and availability in 2 colors: black and dusted rose.

sony_ericsson-z555a.jpg w760.jpg

The Z555a and W760

From LG: A few new phones but the ones we are mentioning are the LG Vu, the LG Watch Phone and the LG AX565. The LG Vu is an all touch screen phone that is heavily rumored to be coming to ATT. Its features include 3G that would work on ATT’s network, ability to watch live TV with ATT’s upcoming Mobile TV service (just like V Cast Mobile TV), a media player and a megapixel camera. The LG Watch Phone is a prototype of a could be future LG phone. It would be able to read text messages, and make calls with a Bluetooth headset and dialing numbers by voice. The third phone, the LG AX565, is a flip phone that is going to Alltel. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, a music player, a square touchpad on the front for controlling music, and a micro SD card for adding more memory.

lg-watch-phone.jpg lg-ax565.jpg lg-vu.jpg

LG Watch Phone, LG AX565, and LG Vu

These are just some of the phones announced at CES, for other information and complete coverage of everything cell phone related at CES, visit

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  1. It seems like the US is always behind when it comes to the latest cell phones. Did you happen to get a chance to look at the LG Viewty. I like that one for the DivX, but somehow I don’t ever see AT&T letting me transfer my videos for free when they can charge me more on the data plans for the TV. I’ve seen videos of the Viewty online, but haven’t seen it in real life. I’d love to hear your opinion. So far I think Apple has the best phone out there, but I want something more open. I’m really looking forward to the next gen cell phones that will let me buy gas with an RFID chip inside.

  2. I personally haven’t seen any of the phones above, and agree with the iPhone being the best or one of the best phones right now on AT&T. With the LG Viewty (a proof that we are far behind to Europe and Asia in cell phones), I only know the specs for it (which are admittedly pretty nice- touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and good screen resolution) but I wouldn’t recommend for someone in the US because of high price for buying unlocked without a carrier discount. I would wait for the LG Vu, which is cheaper and adds some cool AT&T features like Mobile TV, and being that it looks to be a media styled phone, could also help with your DivX problems. Hope this helped.

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