New tech from CES: Mp3 Players

There were many new Mp3 Players announced at CES, and here are some of the interesting ones that we saw.

From iRiver: iRiver announced several new products including the Clix+, B20, and W7. The Clix+ is an update on the original Clix. It’s features include the original styler of navigation of menus by clicking the screen up, down, right and left to move the respective direction. It also has the same 2.2 inch screen, video player, ability to play Flash based games, voice recorder, and an FM tuner. The big changes here is the slimming down of the size, and lowering the price to $149 for 4 GB and $199 for 8 GB. The B20 is also a update on the Clix, but this Mp3 player’s updates focus more on features than design. Its design is the same as the original Clix, but the features include an FM tuner, video player, a micro SD card slot for adding memory, white or black color choices, and a TV tuner wen the product is released in Europe (it is not known whether the tuner will be there in a different form when its released in the US). Just like the Clix+, the price for the B20 is $149 for a 4 GB model.The W7 is a completely new Mp3 player that includes several cool features, that were so cool that they earned the W7 the Cnet Best of CES Award for Mp3 players. Those include a 3 inch touch screen, FM tuner, electronic dictionary, micro SD slot for adding more memory, video player, ability to play Flash games, and something completely new for a Mp3 player: GPS capability. The GPS isn’t included, but can be bought as a car mount which would enable the GPS. It is available in 4 GB and 8 GB, but the price is unknown for when it comes to the US.


iRiver B20, Clix+, and W7

From Philips: Philips also announced several new products including a Bluetooth enabled Mp3 player and a Rhapsody (competitor to iTunes just also allows subscription music downloads- downloading all the music you want usually for about $10, you don’t own the songs but can play on Mp3 players and computer) Mp3 players. The Bluetooth Mp3 player is just like it sounds- a Bluetooth Mp3 player. That means that it will be able to connect through Bluetooth to headphones like a Mp3 cell phone in order to listen to music, and it also allows for someone with a Bluetooth computer to be able to send files like music, photos, and videos over to the Mp3 player without any cables. Other features in the music player include Rhapsody support, video and photo playback on its 2.8 inch screen, and availability in 4 and 8 GB styles for $129 and $169 respectively (for the Bluetooth enabled versions- Philips will also sell a non-Bluetooth version with all the other features for $109 for 4 GB and $129 for 8GB) starting in April.The other device from Philips is the aforementioned Rhapsody Mp3 player. That Mp3 player includes more than just Rhapsody Mp3 support, it also includes a 4.3 inch screen, photo and video playback, ships with high end, in ear cell phones, and ships in July in an 8 GB version for $200.

philips-bluetooth-mp3-player.png philips-rhapsody-mp3-player.jpg

Philips Bluetooth and Rhapsody Mp3 Players

From SanDisk: Just like Philips and iRiver, SanDisk also released new Mp3 players. 2 notable new ones include the updated Sansa Clip and the Sansa View. The updated Sansa Clip is a very, very low cost 4 GB Mp3 player that is just $79! It includes an FM radio, voice recorder, and a small, shiny, silver design. Though one big thing missing (of course for $79 it seems easy to see why), is a color screen which would support video and photo playback. According to SanDisk’s site this should be released in about a week. The Sansa View is a more powerful Mp3 player from SanDisk and is an update on the original Sansa View. This Mp3 player, like the recently announced updated iPod Touch, receives a memory upgrade to 32 GB of Flash memory. Other features on the Mp3 player include: video and photo playback, a little over 32 hours of battery life, 2.4 inch screen, Micro-SD card slot with ability to add 12 more GB worth of memory, FM radio and Voice Recorder, and ability to connect to a Windows or Mac based computer. The price for this device is $349, and is expected to be released on March 15.


Sansa View and Sansa Clip

For more information on other Mp3 players announced at CES, see CNET’s CES Mp3 page.

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