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Guitar Hero 4 in Action

At the All Things D conference–a technology conference we mentioned in the last post about Windows 7, we got some more news from there about how Guitar Hero 4 looks and works. I have to say, while it still looks pretty cool and adds some cool features, it strongly resembles Rock Band to me when played.

You decide. Check out this video from the conference with it in action– Tony Hawk is on guitar and Paula Abdul is “judging.” Let us know what you think of Guitar Hero 4 in the comments.

Snapshot of Guitar Hero 4 in action

Next version of Windows- First Look, Pix and Info

At the All Things D Conference–a tech conference by the Wall Street Journal–two of the heads at Microsoft spoke today and actually demonstrated the next version of Windows called Windows 7, the seventh and latest version of Windows. Click the “More” link for further info on a couple of new things they showed.

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Rock Band Stage Kit info

Rock Band Stage Kit

We know we’ve been covering a lot on Guitar Hero 4, but today we decided to show a little love to the original band game, Rock Band. The big news here is that, according to Gamestop, Rock Band will be releasing a “stage kit,” containing lights and smoke machine, for the Xbox 360 version of the game, though we suspect for the PS3 version as well. Though this little add-on ain’t cheap at $100, it may help fulfill your virtual rocker dream and will also give you a little more to brag about to your Guitar Hero friends when this is expected to launch on August 15.

So question: are you gonna spend your $100 bucks here to support your current Rock Band, are you now gonna go and buy Rock Band, or are you gonna just skip it and wait for October’s Guitar Hero 4. Let us know in the comments.

Guitar Hero 4 News- Pricing and Release Date

Man have we been writing a lot on this whole new Guitar Hero 4/ Guitar Hero World Tour game, but today, revealed on their site today the pricing of 3 versions of the game along with an expected release date. The 3 versions are: Game-only (were assuming that implies the old guitar should work for this version), priced at $59.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3 while $49.99 for Wii and PS2; Guitar-only kit, costing $99.99 for all of the systems; and the o so wanted “Band Kit”–including the game, guitar, drums, and mic– will go for a whopping $189.99 for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360, while $179.99 for the PS2. All versions, according to, are expected to be released on October 27, so mark your calendars and start saving some $$$!

Readers– Which version will you get? Or will you ditch Guitar Hero entirely for either Rock Band (which is actually about $20 cheaper on each of the systems), or neither of them. Let your voice be heard in the comments.

More Guitar Hero 4 News- Offical and Details

Today Activison officially announced the next edition to its Guitar Hero franchise- Guitar Hero World Tour. This includes some of the other things we mentioned in the previous posts (like drums, mic, ability to make your own songs), but also adds some things we didn’t know, like a NEW guitar–shown below with a link to a trailer of the game in action– and a Battle of the Bands mode where 8 people can play against each other. It also includes songs from Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles, Sublime as well as from many more different artists. Additionally, the game will offer much more downloadable music than any of the other Guitar Hero games. Players also will be able to fully customize everything, from their characters’ appearance and instruments to their band’s logo and album covers. The game also is expected to be released in the fall of this year, as rumored previously. For all the info click here for the official press release from Activision.

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Wii Fit out today

Well today Nintendo resealed a whole new revolutionary product for the WIi called the Wii Fit. What this is, is a special exercise video game that costs about $90, and includes its own controller which is a very touch sensitive board. This board measures your weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI- a number which is based on your height and weight), and has special games to help you lose weight and get in better shape while having a fun time. You play the games using by either stepping on the board and doing thinks like yoga, boxing or skiing (skiing requires a special additional game called Wii Ski, and costs $29.99), or using the board as a guide for things like push-ups. The game uses your Mii as the character, and gives encouragement as well as sign of how your doing as you play the game. For more information on the Wii Fit click here. Also for all of you interested in picking up one of these games, be sure to head out soon, because these things sell out quickly (think as fast as Wii itself).

Free and easy ways to Protect and Speed up your Computer

Ok, so we all really need our computers for one thing or another–be it games, music and videos, school or just browsing the internet– and we all hate when it gets real slow at doing those things. Well here are a few ways to help speed up your computer in doing those tasks.

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Other Guitar Hero News

We were pretty interested by the future of Guitar Hero that we mentioned the other day, so we just Googled around to try and find more Guitar Hero info. Well we found some things that are pretty interesting. For one, Activision and Red Octane (makers of the Guitar Hero franchise) have 4 (!) games coming out this year according to (who also has some other news on the upcoming Guitar Hero 4– it will also include a mic (to fully catch up to Rock Band), and will include ability to create your own songs from scratch!). For all the info on 2 other upcoming Guitar Hero games click on the more link.

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Guitar Hero 4 News

Guitar Hero 4 and Rock Band Drums

Well we know that Guitar Hero 3 came out not too long ago, with Rock Band coming out a little after it and really changing the music game style by adding drums and a mic to the package. Today we want to bring you a little info on how Guitar Hero is now going to catch up: the new version of the game, Guitar Hero 4, will have a whole new drum set added. The drum kit at first looks like Rock Band’s, except that it adds cymbols to the top instead of 5 buttons on the drum. This news is great but it still leaves us with a few big questions, and they are: 1. Will it work with Rock Band like the Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller (and will Rock Band work with Guitar Hero 4), and 2. When will this be released and for how much $$$? We’ll keep you posted as we find out more. For more information check out this Joystiq post.

New service out for Wii

For all of you out there lucky enough to find and buy a Wii, there was a new service for you announced today called WiiWare. WiiWare is another way to download games straight to the Wii, just unlike the other way of Virtual Console (downloading old Nintendo games to the Wii), this lets you download new games designed just for the Wii. There are 6 games out right now and they cost between 500 and 1500 Wii Points (2000 Wii points card costs $20 on Amazon so we guess the games are between $5 and $15), and there also are new games scheduled to be released every Monday with 100 currently in development according to For more information on WiiWare including game lists click here.

Btw- all you Xbox 360 owners don’t think the Wii is alone in this, you guys have had this for quite sometime as Xbox Live Arcade games- and actually have a large number of games available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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