Jesse Nowlin zzzPhone Interview

So here is part 2 of our zzzPhone info series, the interview with Jesse Nowlin who has a big role in the company. We talked to him in this interview from everything from how he got involved to future products to advice for some of you out there who want to get involved in something like this now. Click on the more under the picture for the whole interview.

Us: What is your role in the company today?

Jesse: I am the VP and CIO of Unified Telecommunications, the distribution network for ZZZ Phone.

Us: How did you get started with this company?

Jesse: I am one of the founders.

Us: Are there any Verizon or Sprint versions of the phones coming out?

Jesse: I have spoken with ZZZ Phone and encouraged them to develop a CDMA phone. We discussed it and it is a possibility, although most likely will not be available until the Android unit.

Us: What is this of the phones coming out with Google’s Android Mobile OS, when will you release it and will it be on these phones or on another phone altogether?

Jesse: We have our engineers currently working on a new model altogether, and yes, this will run Android. We also have written 2 proprietary programs for the Android OS which we will be releasing as well. The estimated release timeframe is this summer.

Us: Why as a teenager would you want to buy this phone over one directly from ATT or T-Mobile?

Jesse: Our phone is a better choice for a teenager because it allows you to choose exactly what you want. For example, if you want to have a high resolution camera in the phone but not GPS, then when you place the order only order the camera. You also have the opportunity to change the color put on your logo, add on fake (or real if you can afford it) diamonds and a gold case. There are many options available with many more on the way.

Us: What advice would you give to teens who want to get involved in companies like this as a profession.

Jesse: Like in any business the best way is to find your niche market, develop a product or service that would be in demand yet not invented yet, and do not be afraid to pursue your goal. If someone else has a good idea try to think of ways you can help them, and maybe you could partner with them, to create an even better idea. One thing I find very important in the business world, is networking. Do not be afraid to walk up to someone you don’t know and strike up a conversation (as long as they don’t look shady…), you never know where it may lead you. I am working with contacts I met years ago when I never imagined I would be doing this, and now it has really come in handy knowing all those people. Lastly, I would say to never give up. Everyone says it when giving advice so there must be some truth to it, and there is. There will be many people who may laugh at your idea, tell you why it wont work, tell you that you will never make it, and you just have to brush it off and keep going. You can make it if you do it right, and you work hard enough.

Us: How do you recommend one buying these phones, is there anywhere to buy them in stores in the US?

Jesse: Phones can be purchased from our website at There currently are no stores carrying that but believe me we are working on that.

So there you have it. Any questions you would like us to ask Jesse? Ask them in the comments.

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