Guitar Hero 4 News

Guitar Hero 4 and Rock Band Drums

Well we know that Guitar Hero 3 came out not too long ago, with Rock Band coming out a little after it and really changing the music game style by adding drums and a mic to the package. Today we want to bring you a little info on how Guitar Hero is now going to catch up: the new version of the game, Guitar Hero 4, will have a whole new drum set added. The drum kit at first looks like Rock Band’s, except that it adds cymbols to the top instead of 5 buttons on the drum. This news is great but it still leaves us with a few big questions, and they are: 1. Will it work with Rock Band like the Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller (and will Rock Band work with Guitar Hero 4), and 2. When will this be released and for how much $$$? We’ll keep you posted as we find out more. For more information check out this Joystiq post.

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