Free and easy ways to Protect and Speed up your Computer

Ok, so we all really need our computers for one thing or another–be it games, music and videos, school or just browsing the internet– and we all hate when it gets real slow at doing those things. Well here are a few ways to help speed up your computer in doing those tasks.

1. McAfee SiteAdvisor for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

This is one of my favorite add ons to my versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer because whenever I do a Google search, it tells me what websites are safe to go to (no viruses, spyware, lot of spam email, etc.) and what are not. It displays little green checks for good sites, yellow exclamation points for questionable ones that you should be careful with, and red x’s for sites that are indisputably bad for your computer. The feature also allows you to drag your mouse over the symbol for more detailed info (is it linked to good sites, how many good or bad downloads it has, etc.). It is an overall very good free program that can be downloaded for Internet Explorer by clicking here and Firefox by clicking here.

An example I found of McAfee SiteAdvisor

Just a note on SiteAdvisor: Some of your searches may display gray Question marks. Don’t worry. It only means that the particular site wasn’t check by McAfee yet. Also, the feature doesn’t yet work in Safari (even on Windows), but it might work on the Mac version of Firefox.

2. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8:

For Windows users, we usually have an issue with viruses and hear how they are constantly a threat to the information on our computers. In order to protect from that threat, we usually need to spend money on a Anti-Virus program that could cost anywhere from $30-$60 (usually $60 allows you to put on 3 different computers instead of just one) for some of the big brand ones like Norton, McAfee, AVG (they have an additional paying one with a little more features), and these only last for a year!

Well here is a good, FREE program that does the job without an additional cost. This program is available FREE (can’t stress that enough) from, and does all the simple things a program like this should do like scan and remove viruses, email scan to make sure your emails dont give your computer a virus, and even adds in what the McAfee SiteAdvisor does in checking searches from Google, Windows Live, and Yahoo!. Btw this program must run well, or else why would over 80 MILLION people download it.

Picture of start menu in AVG 8

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner:

So here is the last of this list of programs, and it is a program that will basically clean up and speed up your computer’s hard drive. I use this program, and actually find it very easy and effective. All you need to do is open up, hit scan registry (registry is place where your Computers info and files are) and when its done hit repair registry. It is quick simple, easy and productive, and can be downloaded from here.

What Eusing looks like

Ok, so that is a small list of free programs to help improve your computer. Let us know in the comments how they work for you, and also if you have another program that you know could be useful.

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