Next version of Windows- First Look, Pix and Info

At the All Things D Conference–a tech conference by the Wall Street Journal–two of the heads at Microsoft spoke today and actually demonstrated the next version of Windows called Windows 7, the seventh and latest version of Windows. Click the “More” link for further info on a couple of new things they showed.

1. Multi Touch.

Similar to the tech on the iPod Touch and iPhone that allows the holder to use the fancy, two-finger, movement ability, such as enlarging or shrinking pix and websites, the Windows 7 Multi-Touch– from what was demonstrated– seems to possess the same features, just in magnified and possibly more useful way, including photo editing, or even drawing with all 10 fingers in paint!

Windows 7 stretching pictures (with what may be dock at bottom left next to start logo)

Windows 7 Multi Touch paint (using two fingers at once)

2. Dock

We showed you some Windows docks before (in our Make Your Windows Look like a Mac Post) , but now Microsoft has gone all official with docks including putting them into this latest Window version.

Other notes: A lot of this stuff seems to be similar to features available on Mac OS X Leopard, i.e. the dock, the Multi Touch on iPhone and iPod, and for those of you out there who don’t want to wait at least another 18 months for this to be released–assuming that it will in 18 months but who really knows–you may wanna just go get the latest Apple instead. Actually, Apple is expected to release an update before the Windows 7’s release so it will be interesting to see what will be changed in both Mac OS X, and Windows 7. Also, if you do happen to really want to wait this out, Windows 7 also is said to have a Voice and Gesture feature, potentially revolutionizing computer usage, though by 2010/2011, a short distance from now but a generation in the tech world, that may already become the industry standard. For those interested, (where we got the pix from) has a whole video of some of the multi touch in action, including a cool piano at the end.

You think this is something worth waiting for or will you just buy Windows XP, Vista, or switch over to Mac OS X. Speak your mind in the comments.

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  1. Hah i chuckled to myself at this, windows are so unoriginal.

    but this has gone too far. they have recently added ‘Mii’s’ to Xbox 360.

    ive had a mac for about 8 months now, and im glad i switched.

  2. Multi-Touch is the future, so Microsoft has to do this, original or not.

  3. I am user of Mac OS X, and, Windows its not original! This multi-touch is very nice but dont change the system operation. And this is the problem!

    I am Brazilian! =)

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