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zzzPhone Review- Windows Mobile Phone

Well after a few other posts we’re back to finish our 3 part series on the zzzPhone. For those of you who are reading this for the first time we have 2 other parts in this series- the zzzPhone Standard review, and an interview with a zzzPhone head Jesse Nowlin. Now lets get to the main topic– the Windows Mobile 6.1 zzzPhone.

zzzPhone Windows Mobile version

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Updates for Windows XP and Vista

Well today Microsoft officially (not from some website or file sharing program like BitTorent) released some updates or Service Packs for its XP and Vista operating systems. Both updates are basically a bunch of little fixes to the respective OS, but for all of you with XP, you may actually see some increase in speed by 10 percent (basically your computers will run much faster and better). To get these Service Packs, all you need to do is go to Windows Update (for XP users it is in Start- Control Panel- Windows Update (in the lower left), and in Vista it is in Start- All Programs- Windows Update) and click Check for Updates. A note for Vista users: you should download the update through Windows Update because Microsoft is actually sending out the Service Pack customized for your computer so that it can handle it well (though it may not be today so you should be checking periodically). Also for both XP and Vista users: Make sure you back up your computer if you can, because as the updates are real and should work, you can never be too carefull.

Ok then, so enjoy the update and let us know in the comments if you notice anything new or better like faster starting up times, or anything else.

LG Vu out today for ATT

Well taking a break from our zzzPhone reviews, here is something new for ATT- the LG Vu. Believe it or not this is an iPhone competitor on ATT’s own network as this phone is designed exactly like the iPhone in that it is pretty much all touch screen. I actually was able to see the phone in person and have to say it is very small, shiny and light, but still has a 3 inch touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera with video recording, music player, full internet browser, ATT Video Share, 3G (which the iPhone is missing), as well as the big feature- ability to watch live TV on ATT’s new Mobile TV service. Channels on this new Mobile TV service include ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, and an ATT exclusive PIX movie channel, along with a few other channels. The Vu also got a higher rating than the iPhone from the editors at, coming in with an 8.3 rating compared to the iPhone’s 8.0.

LG Vu and iPhone

There will be 2 versions of the phone available- one with the TV and one without. Only the TV one came out today, and it costs $300 with the $100 mail in rebate, and if you want the TV service, that will add in an extra $15 a month in most cases. You can get the phone from your local ATT store or ATT’s mobile website.

Btw all you Verzion users- don’t worry you’ll supposedly have a similar phone in the LG Dare (all touchscreen with 3G, 3.2 megapixel camera, Mp3 player) this summer.

LG Dare

Jesse Nowlin zzzPhone Interview

So here is part 2 of our zzzPhone info series, the interview with Jesse Nowlin who has a big role in the company. We talked to him in this interview from everything from how he got involved to future products to advice for some of you out there who want to get involved in something like this now. Click on the more under the picture for the whole interview.

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zzzPhone Review- Standard model

Two days ago we said we would write a review of these phones-TV/Standard and Windows Mobile-and also an interview with one of the members in the company. So here is the first part of that with the review of the TV/Standard phone. PS you’ll notice some bold text throughout the post (like here), that is some of the main or interesting points that the “skimmers” out there may want to notice.

The zzzPhone!

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