How to Make Your Own Ringtones for Free

We have something here that many of you will like… making your own Ringtones for free. Using a program called Audacity (download here), any of your unprotected music— those not purchased through iTunes (check your songs in iTunes by right-clicking on a selected song, clicking Get Info, and then looking at the bottom of that first tab) and such, or in Mp3 or ACC format— can be shrunken down and subsequently placed onto your phone. For a full guide, see this ATT forum I found. This should work for most ATT phones—unfortunately excluding the iPhone or any other smartphone— and possibly for T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

But don’t be disappointed iPhoners. In iTunes, you’ll see the option to convert to ringtone for an iPhone—though only for an iPhone—for an additional $1.

Audacity on Windows XP (also works with Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux)

The program runs pretty easily, and all you need to do is drag where you want the song to begin and finish, by means of adjusting the two bars at the start and end of the song. Also, even if this program wont work for you with phone ringtones, it still is a cool, free music editor that lets all you aspiring DJs and music lovers have some fun.

Things to note: Assuming you have a program like iTunes, all you need for this is the Audacity program, not the other program mentioned in the guide. Instead, you export the new song to your desktop as a .WAV file, and then go to “Add File to Library” in iTunes and open the file in iTunes. Then once you’re in iTunes, go to “Edit Preferences” and there click on “Advanced” and then “Importing.” Change the import to Mp3 Encoder and then go to Custom. When in Custom, set the quality to what it says in the guide. Afterward, convert the song you edited by right-clicking on it in iTunes and going to “Convert to Mp3”. Next, delete the original .WAV file from both your iTunes and desktop, and then go to your iTunes folder in your music folder and find the ringtone under the artist you saved the ringtone to. I would recommend saving it under Ringtone because it is easier to find. Finally, either send the file to your phone using Bluetooth— as said on the guide— or copy it to a memory card and transfer it to your phone.

So there it is. Have any other ideas to make your own ringtones for free—especially for all those with Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile if this doesn’t work for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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