3 New LG Verizon Phones

While Apple has been stealing some spotlight for July cell phone release with the 3G iPhone, Verizon is coming out with a few interesting phones of their own. Click on the more link for all the details.

The LG Dare

We covered this phone previously here, but now more details are emerging, including:

  • 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture
  • handwriting support- not sure what this will do
  • support for V-Cast
  • built-in software that lets you edit photos on the phone itself
  • software to upload to a social networking site- Im not sure which ones or if all sites will be covered

LG Dare

the LG Decoy

While looking similar to the Choclate series– contains VZ Navigator and V-Cast support– this slider phone also includes a clever built-in Bluetooth headset that stores in the back of the phone when you’re not using it.

LG Decoy (with Bluetooth headset in back)

the LG Chocolate 3

This model completely redesigns the Chocolate. It has:

  • flip phone instead of usual slider
  • Large outer screen
  • Control wheel for controlling music and other apps (such as looking through texts and photos)
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • V-Cast support
  • 1GB of built in memory (about 250 songs)
  • Additional memory card slot
  • 2 speakers
  • FM Transmitter for playing songs over a car radio (in case those 2 speakers aren’t loud enough for you)

LG Chocolate 3

The Dare and Chocolate 3 are expected in July; the Decoy on June 16. Unfortunately, their prices have yet to be announced though will let you know as soon as they are.

So there are the three LG phones coming soon to a Verizon store near you. Let us know what you think and which phone are you going to go for this summer- iPhone 3G? Samsung Instinct? one of these 3?- in the comments.

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  1. James Giantpeach

    Sherry Krueger loves these phones and wants to buy her employee, Luke Roh the LG Dare because she heard it from him. Sherry Krueger wants the best for her employees.

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