Updates to Firefox and AIM

In the past week, as well as in this coming week, AOL and Mozilla have been and will continue to release updates to some of their more popular programs- AIM and Firefox. Click the more link for all the info.

This past week, AIM  has received an update that now allows for users to send texts to others cell phones when their not online and also adds a new bar to the bottom that allows for you to view things such as what are the “Hot Searches” on AOL, listen to AOL Radio, play games. leave notes for yourself, as well as download other add-ons for your AIM. Other than that it looks like regular AIM 6. You can download the update from the AIM site here.

AIM’s new bottom bar

Firefox also has some new updates coming out this Tuesday. The popular web browser gets updated to version 3, and adds some new looks and features as well. Some of those new features include faster speed for loading sites, better page zooming, and also better look for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. By the way, national download day for this is on Tuesday and millions of people are downloading it then in hopes to break a world record for downloads. So be sure to get yours then and be part of history lol 🙂 You can download the Firefox on Tuesday from their website.

New Firefox 3 look in Windows Vista

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