Guitar Hero 4’s Guitar

Guitar Hero 4 Guitar- notice the touchpad after the orange button in the middle of the neck.

It’s been a while since we last wrote about the much-anticipated Guitar Hero 4, and today we got some more info on how the new guitar will look and run. Unlike on older Guitar Hero’s and Rock Bands, this new guitar features not only buttons, but also a touchpad that can be used for doing various things like playing musical notes, and also in the new music maker we told you about in this Guitar Hero 4 post. All this info is courtesy of IGN, who actually have a first look at the next version. I’m pretty stoked on this, and really hope the new Guitar could work with Rock Band, so this way I don’t need to go out and spend another $100-$180 lol.

What are your thoughts, this new info enough to make you wanna wait till this comes out in October? you going for Rock Band instead? or are you not going to go for either at all? Let us know your plans and ideas in the comments.

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  1. I already have like 8 guitar hero/rockband controllers floating around my house.
    I would totally keep getting these shnazzy new versions if the whammy bars weren’t all broken on my old ones and I could.. y’know, trade up :P.

  2. thnk god u posted this eli it looks awesome

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