Rock Band 2 Offical- Details and Pix!!!!!

Rock Band 2!!!!

The title really gives it away, but Rock Band 2 is now officially out of the bag, and looks pretty nice. For all the details and info- and to see if this looks better than Guitar Hero 4, hit the more link.


  • New Guitar— still running same style of buttons like Rock Band 1’s, but this new guitar strives for a appear more as an authentic-looking “wooden” guitar. You will also be able to buy instruments for Rock Band 2 from makers other than Harmonix, the Rock Band game’s creator along with MTV.

Rock Band 2’s new Guitar

  • Compatibility with Original Rock Band— Bought the original and want to play the new game without shelling out extra cash for new instruments? For $60 you can buy Rock Band 2 without instruments and hook up your old ones without any trouble. Also, any song you download with either edition will be compatible with the other version as well.
  • More Songs- We’ll have more info on the who’s and what’s when the Video Game Conference called E3 starts in mid July

While the price and the exact launch date– key factors esp in comparing to its rival, Guitar Hero 4– have yet to be released, Rock Band 2 will likely be coming this fall– possibly around the same time as Guitar Hero 4– for PS3 and Xbox 360.

But heres two major, lingering questions: To what extent– if any– will Rock Band 2 be compatible to Guitar Hero 4? Its tricky to say; Guitar Hero 3 worked with Rock Band 1 but there are also the Rock Band add-ons like the Stage Kit (which we mentioned here) and the additional question of if (or when?) the Wii and PS2 will get their share of Rock Band 2 greatness.

All should be revealed soon at the E3 conference from July 14-17, where even more video game info will come out, and we will cover all that for you.

Till then though, have you made up your mind about which version to go for– Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero 4, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, none at all?– or are you going to wait to hear more about each product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Information and pictures from through IGN

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