Watch Movies and Videos on your PS3!!!

It has been a long time since Microsoft gave their Xbox 360 the ability to download and watch HD Movies and TV shows, but starting this summer, Sony will install the same feature in their PS3 system. For the details on this new add on to the PS3 hit the more link.

Now how exactly this new TV and Movie service will all be packaged is unclear– this feature though is already available on their Braiva TVs, sold under the brand name “Bravia Internet Link“.

Three possibilities on how Sony will work this new system:

  1. Go rental service with a tie-in to Netflix for renting movies online
  2. Go like Hulu (where we mentioned here) and offer free video with ads supporting it
  3. Go like iTunes and charge for downloading movies and TV shows (unlikely due to Sony’s long failed history of digital downloads in contrast to the successful Apple)

Time will tell which way Sony goes, but we do know this: Sony’s Bravia Internet Link TV’s, and therefore, presumably, their PS3’s as well, will offer movies before they go on DVD and Blu-ray (one example is the upcoming Will Smith movie Hancock).

So PS3 owners- you gonna try this? and if so which way do YOU want Sony to go? And to potential PS3 owners: is this gonna sway you now into the PS3 corner–the ability to now play HD video games; view Blu-ray HD movies; browse the Internet straight from you PS3; and now download movies and TV shows to it? Let your opinions out in the comments.

Information here adapted from Cnet’s Crave

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  1. this is gonna be great for PS3 owners such as myself and i cannot wait for the update which will come out July 2nd and include in game XMB which i am looking forward to

  2. there are many new movies to watch this month, i would be going to the cinema and video rental store again ***

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