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New T-Mobile Sidekick Out Today

T-Mobile Sidekick

Today T-Mobile decided to update their most popular cell phone series- you know the Sidekicks, and have released a successor to the cool (and cheap) Sidekick iD called the T-Mobile Sidekick (again great name). For all the info, including some of the cool new features in this new version of the phone, hit the More link.

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New satillite radio company- Sirius XM Radio

This is great news for anyone out there looking for a car with some really good satellite radio to listen to, or are one of the 18.5 million people who have either Sirius or XM. Today, after months of legal talking, Sirius and XM completed their planned merger and formed Sirius XM Radio (great name huh- wonder who thought of that). For more details including what some of the new radio packages will look like, hit the More link.

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Review- i-Mate Ultimate 8150

Our last few days weren’t only filled with the LG Chocolate 3, we also had some hands on time with i-Mate’s Ultimate 8150 (no relation to all the Apple iProducts). On paper this phone looks to be insane, but in our tests- it was most of the time anything but. One word to describe this phone would be- Eh. Read on for all the info and the full review.

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First Look and Hands On: Segway PT i2

So a few weeks ago my family and I vacationed in Orlando, Florida and like any family who goes to Orlando with younger siblings, one of the must do’s is the whole Disney experience. During one of these Disney trips- this time to the Epcot theme park- my dad and I stopped by the Segway– those little motor powered scooters that have become popularized across the globe- demonstration part in “Innovations”, and we were able to actually go in and ride them. Do I think this will soon replace your car? Read on for the answer!

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Review- LG Chocolate 3

Ok, so over the last week or so we were lent an LG Chocolate 3 for Verizon (by a TeenTechBlog friend who would prefer to remain Anonymous 🙂 ). We put it through its paces- you know made some texts and calls, checked some V Cast, etc., and to summarize this phone in two words: Very Good. To find out what we liked and didn’t like- as well as more detail besides the words Very Good, hit the more link.

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Halo E3 News Roundup

Even though Halo didn’t make an official appearance at E3 last week (though it was supposed to on Wednesday, but got scrapped at the last minute), doesn’t mean some info on the future of the series didn’t come out. For all you curious on what is next for Master Chief and one of the top video game series’s ever– Click the More link.

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Guitar Hero E3 Info

Well, we covered Rock Band’s E3 info, and we know a lot of you LOVE Guitar Hero, so we got some info for you as well. O, Rock Band users- you may wanna check this out as well, as one of the big announcements involves you guys to. All the info is after the More link. Read the rest of this entry

Rock Band 2 E3 Info

We said we’d get you some Rock Band E3 info, and here it is. There is a lot of cool stuff here, and to find out all the info, Read On!

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PS3 E3 Conference Round Up

Ok, this is not as interesting or feature filled as Microsoft and Nintendo‘s conferences, but Sony did come out with some interesting things like a higher capacity PS3, new PS2 bundle (not everyone made the jump to the “next-gen” consoles), a new video download store and more. For all the info, just hit the “More” link.

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Xbox 360 E3 Press Conference Round Up

Microsoft kicked off the E3 conference on Monday, with a whole bunch of new games and updates for it’s Xbox 360. Some of this stuff is pretty major (and at the same time very sick- in a good way), so hit the more link for all the details!

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