What You Need to Know About iPhone 3G Launch

We all heard that the new iPhone 3G is coming out next Friday, July 11th, and just to nip the questions in the bud, we’ll present answers to a few questions we expect are beginning to emerge in your mind about purchasing this much-anticipated product. Read on to not only hear your questions asked, but to answer them too.

1. When exactly will the iPhone 3G be available on July 11 (considering it wouldnt be a stretch to say theyll be sold out in a matter of hours, your timing to the store will probably be pretty important)?

Similar to the release of its predecessor, The iPhone 3G will be out at 8 AM in your time zone (i.e. if your in the East Coast it will be out at 8 AM, likewise on the West Coast it will be out at 8 AM).

2. How will you activate–that means make it work under your respective cellphone plan and number– the iPhone 3G? Will it be done in-store like all other cell phones, or at home like the first iPhone?

The activation of the phone will be in-store — a shift contrasting the first iPhone’s release and more in line with the method of most cell phones– and will be done using a special iTunes found in both Apple and AT&T stores, presumably to halt the crazy amount of unlocking which occurred with the first iPhone.

Now we got a question on this- what happens if I wanna give the iPhone as a gift, do I need to pay the amount the next answer says to buy without a 2 year contract (trust me you don’t wanna spend that much money), even though that person will add on a new 2 year contract?

3. How much will it cost to buy a iPhone 3G without contract, or if I want to upgrade from iPhone 1?

Without Contract: $599 for the 8 GB or $699 for 16 GB version (see we told you it was alot)

Upgrade from first iPhone: $399 for the 8 GB and $499 for the 16 GB (thats not including extending your contract for an additional 2 years at $70 a month)

4. I have the iPhone 1 already and wish to keep it–as opposed to buying the new iPhone– but also want all the latest features in the new 2.0 software like the Application Store. Can I get it in this “old” version of the iPhone?

Yes, you can get the 2.0 software, and it should be available when the new iPhone 3G comes out on July 11 as a free download from iTunes. If your (Just a note for all of you out there with “Jail-broken” or “Unlocked” iPhones: you will need to update to the 2.0 from the place you jail-broke your iPhone originally, or a place similar to it, and cannot just download the software from iTunes. If you do download it straight from iTunes you risk “bricking” your iPhone, completely blocking you from using your iPhone.

5. Can I download Apple’s 2.0 software onto my iPod Touch?

Also yes, but it will cost a bit–how much exactly is uncertain right now– to do so, in contrast to current iPhone 1 holders. And like the iPhone, “jail-broken” iPod Touches will be blocked access from using their device.

We issue our warning here: as enticing of a phone this may be, the price by most standards is far from cheap–the phone service itself starts at $70 a month (yes per each month) and you’ve seen the cost for the product too– so unless you are in need both a new phone and iPod; able to upgrade and snag this thing for the $199 8 GB price, or the $299 16 GB price; or committed to buying the latest and greatest in tech from Apple with your fat wallet, this may not be the best choice of phone for you (especially if you are thinking of transferring from Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, and need to cancel your current contract– a process that costs some more $$$).

For those interested in seeing some other soon-to-be-released phones, you may want to check out some of our recent posts on the iPhones competition–touchscreen and non– in our Cell Phone Category, in order to make the best choice for you and your budget while still getting a sweet phone in the process.

So what are you going to do- buy this new iPhone–and if so what will you end up paying for it– or get a different touchscreen phone from AT&T or another carrier, or maybe wait for other exciting phones like the Samsung Omnia to come out later this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. The iTunes store is borked! Way to go Apple.

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