Samsung Instinct to get it's own App Store

Ok, we mentioned this to you in the review of the Samsung Instinct, but now we’re gonna give out all the info. For those interested, read on!

This is very similar to Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The programs can be made by you, and when released, will be downloaded straight to the Instinct over Sprint’s network (aka Over the Air)-this is similar to what you should be able to do with the new iPhone App Store and AT&T’s network. The programs that will be made will use something called Java, which as we also mentioned in the review- is a way of interaction between users and their devices (be it playing games on a cell phone, viewing videos on a computer, whatever) created by Sun Microsystems, and all these creations will be part of a contest Sprint is running looking for the best apps. The winner with the best app, will receive $20,000 and a 1 year membership into Sprint’s Professional Developer Program. There are also two second place prizes of $5,000  for the best consumer (or average person) app, and best business app.

Something we not sure about- how will this work in terms of price, will some apps be priced like in Apple’s store, or is all free for the world? We think more will come out to answer this between when the contest starts on July 16 (next week), and when it ends on August 29. Not a terrible wait time for all of you Instinct owners to get your apps. By the way, the winners of this contest will come out on October 10.

For those of you brave enough (or good enough at Java writing) to enter your own programs into this contest, all the info is here. For those of you interested (or need some cash and something to do for the rest of the summer), but not sure how to write Java programs, click here for a guide from Web Developers Virtual Library.

Good luck to all of you who take this on, and let us know how it goes for you in the comments (or let us know if you are one of those Instinct owners waiting for all these programs to be ready, and what you want to see in the apps).

Also- special thanks to my Uncle- Dr. Robert Richter- for providing us with this information.

UPDATE (2/23): Sprint appears to have canceled the entire contest, we have this written up here.

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  1. I would like to see apps that can help improve the calendar on the instinct, maybe something that can help to sync more stuff from your computer to the phone. I am glad as a consumer that sprint is doing this contest because the instinct is a good phone but it needs better features for people like me that run there business out of there cell phones.

  2. Well while viewing this page from my Instinct I would like to see a better browser and possibly a different keyboard option yo move the view text button and change view button farther from backspace, i, o, and p

  3. A mini music player would be nice, one that has just basic pause, back, and forward buttons. Its tiresome going back into the music app just to pause your music. Possibly a widgets menu?

  4. A music player like TCPMP that has an equalizer and volume boost that you can control volume on player and the phone(2 controls) to surpass system volume and an instant messenger app

  5. Wait so are the apps gonna be out in a few days or what?

  6. Hey Malick-
    The contest ended on the 29, my guess is the Apps themselves probably won’t come till at least October 10 when the winners are announced- if not later.

  7. A universal language translator would be awesome and a working Opera Mini would be great too.

  8. Also an update to the media player that fixes song titles and take the .mp3 extension of song names….and an album fixer……..The media player just needs a whole load of work.

  9. I like to see some business document reading apps, a voice recorder, and a calendar sync function.

  10. We Need a IR Remote for the Instinct FASTTTTTTT BOYYY and if we have one already let me know. contact me at


  11. I am viewing this site from my instinct. i bought this phone so i could make documents, like bids and estimates from my phone. i am a sub-contractor in interior finish carpentry. i also plan on subscribing to one of those e fax places… wow, if sprint offered an app that made ‘word’ like documents with simple tables or templates for simple invoices and estimates… and then had a quick way to fax them without having to go sign in with a third party website… i would pay a good bit of money for an app package like that.


  13. I would like to see a better interface for the background and display, because the iphone is kicking the instinct in that.

  14. The ability to Bluetooth music files, read files sent to phone via email like pdf. , the ability to drop a particular caller from a three way call without hanging up on both parties, a software application for the phone that will allow you to conference a incoming call into your current call, and an application that will allow you to block certain numbers and private or blocked incoming calls.

  15. it would be awesome if you could put your own picture in the main menu as a background and still have the buttons such as settings and email . the instinct is gonna stay boring if samsung doesnt come out with any themes .

  16. we need some buttons like, on the side under the volume buttons. that will allow you to play, fast forward or rewind the songs for the media player. if i’m on myspace and a song comes on that i don’t want to listen to NOW i want to be able to push a button without having to exit the whole internet and go the music player to change it and then have to wait for myspace to reload. LAME!

  17. how bout an adobe thingy so i can view videos like on myspace and such…come on sprint

  18. what is going on with this, how long can you have the phone with nothing on it? Where can I find some apps now that were made for it? Why are we suffering as customers? We should just give it back to them and get an I-Phone, forget waiting, it’s been long enough, it doesn’t take this long to make the darn programs!!!

  19. I just want the word if there are any themes out for the instinct yet or other apps? I still have my 30 days I have been thinking about switching to a blackberry curve because you can get endless apps for free and opera mini will work on it too.

  20. Im interested in a new browser with flash or shockwave

  21. i wish it had a built in msn messenger app…

  22. it needs an app the allows u to look at whats on your memory card insted of whats on it, ann app the changes the 4 boxes on the home screen and lets it slid in different directions like a cube, an app that lets u watch all viedos, an app for new ways to look your phone and a better zoom in features

  23. and i mean to look in the memory card and see the files instead off just seeing how much memory u have left

  24. OMG its October 10th Today!!!
    Lets see those apps already.

  25. Its been out 4 months lets see some apps before my 30 days trial is up….if not im switching to the htc touch diamond because it has an opera browser….thats all i want to see some the instinct is a better browser and i will happy with the phone till my contract runs out

  26. When Are The Apps Going To Come out are they going to fix opera mini i hate the browser its so slow it takes forever for everything i hate it if they dont fix it ama cancel my contract and go with the iphone and should the apps be available ny now also the bluetooth you cant tranfer music files or video that sucks also it takes for ever to load the pics i hate that and it keeps on freezing on me

  27. I really feel disapointed with sprint. We were promised so much with this acclaimed “Iphone killer”, and what we really have is just another touchscreen phone. When I first seen this phone on Sprint’s website I was in aww, and then seeing the capabilities made this phone even more appealing. Finally we had competition for the Iphone. Boy was I wrong! As far as the application developers contest goes. Where are the apps? Was this just another ploy from sprint to swindle people into buying the instinct? I dont know, but i can tell you this buy an Iphone or wait for the BlackBerry Storm to hit stores.

  28. Need a therd party keyboard, loaded with an external key???

  29. HEY DON”T GO BLAMING SPRINT FOR THIS IDIOT BLOG. Fact is every time I found a site talking about the apps it referred to teentechblog as the source of information. WHERE DID TEENTECHBLOG EVER HEAR ABOUT THIS??? From a guy named Dr. Robert Richter. We don’t even know if this guy worked at Sprint or what kind of doctor he is. I was looking forward to some apps but it looks like I might have to wait longer. SO WHAT!!!! This phone is amazing and I wouldn’t it or Sprint down because of some stupid blog.

    You guys who are mad should have realized the validity of this blog as soon as you read it. It’s your own fault for being such idiots. Now I am not calling all the people who read this idiots. Sure there was room for optimism and I wanted some apps but we have been fooled. Our own fault.

    (via my instinct)

  31. AIM and YAHOO MESSANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hey Rob-

    Listen, I know why your upset over this whole Instinct App thing- but don’t go blaming it on us. Let me clarify a couple of things.

    1. The contest is run by Sprint, just go the links that we give for it. THEY ARE ALL SPRINT RUN SITES.

    2. My uncle- Dr. Robert Richter- is NOT someone who works for Sprint, but is a Sprint and Instinct user who got an email from Sprint about this contest. He forwarded me the email and that is how I got all of this. Oh, and he is a happy Instinct user, and I myself have nothing against the Instinct (for one I recommended he get the phone, and two, just check our review- it doesn’t bash the phone or anything, and is actually quite positive).

    3. Don’t blame us for no apps coming out, talk to Sprint. All we did is spread some of the news we thought teens would be interested in. Seriously, the Instinct is a popular phone that is sleek, stylish, and not terribly expensive- and giving some apps to an already popular phone must get some people interested.

    4. I feel this should also be clarified while I’m on this subject. The contest was for Instinct Apps, and not necessarily an App Store. That is the way we think Sprint will go about distribution of the Apps, by making them available through the same way that is used by Apple, and soon Google with their Android Market. This is though something we speculated on and I apologize if that was misinterpreted by you. Everything else though is from Sprint run sites.

    I’m sorry your so angry about this, but nothing would make me happier than seeing the Instinct get some more freedom with some good apps. Any other questions or comments feel free to reply.

    All the best,


  33. ill be dropping sprint once i see the fruits of android!!! good riddens sprint

  34. The phone sucks, it freezez no flash,batterry life,can’t send song via bluetooth,it gets hot, bad tv, copy paste,drop drag,stupid plan i cant even put this phone on my shared fail sprint

  35. I cant say i hate this phone, it could be better in many ways, but we just need time. With the next couple of updates coming our way the instinct could be a powerful mobile device. If we compare the instinct to other devices of this calibar, were not at the bottom of the barrel. Were pretty close to the top. This in my opinion this is one of the best phones sprint has to offer. Maybe if we had more people motivated on designing apps and improving the instinct’s UI. Then our wait would be shorter, but until that day comes im pretty content with the instinct.

  36. Just look at sprints stock. They are realizing record cancellations, from contract subscribers

  37. Yeah I agree that they should make an APP STORE… my friend has an i phone and the app store is SWEET. The games for free on the IPhone rule over all the games for the Insinct that you actually have to spend money for (and may i say they arent cheap either)… but if the Instinct were to come out with an App Store they would get a whole bunch more people buying the phone… all i want is some fun games like the ones that are on the IPhone and an AIM messanger would be sick also.

  38. I really like my instinct, and instead of looking at the things it dosent have, I try to look at the good things. We all know that there will never be an App store so what we should look foreward too, is this website There are 3 devolopers there trying to make the instinct a better phone. If we could get more devs there maybe the possibility of an app store could me more realistic. But for now im content with my phone, until the wind blows and i want the next best thing…

  39. I have a G1 and I love it. I just hat tmobile. I was thinking about coming over to sprint and getting the Instinct. I was just waiting to find out about the apps. The G1 apps are killer. There are a lot of things id change about the phone like adding flash for the camera as well as adobe flash for the web. Also there is no way to save pictures that are sent to you. Not to mention the buttons on the keyboard are uber tiny and uber close together. Plus its friggin giant. Now don’t go jumping down my throat about talking about th G1 on this blog. I saw a few posts talking about how they was a G1 so I thought id offer some info.

    Is the instinct really such a bad phone?

  40. is there anyway to get Yahoo messenger on the Instinct

    go here for apps that are for the instinct

  42. I would like to see a app to keep track of your bank account how much you have spent and how much you have left in the account like a pocket book

  43. this phone moves wayy too slow for a good app. the only thing i like about this phone is the navigation

  44. Hey guys when are the apps you are talking about gonna be released. I just got the instinct and I am getting kinda bored with it so wondering when these apps will be released please respond I look forward to hearing from you.

  45. Hey Nitin,

    Unfortuanatly, Sprint decided to not release any official apps. I just noticed this on the site where the contest was supposed to be held. I have no idea why Sprint did this, I mean they don’t even give a reason (just said they won’t release the winner or the apps). This really sux I know. You can see Sprint’s response here:

    I know though that commenter Robert was nice enough to share a site that DOES have Instinct apps. The link is by comment 41.


  46. THAT IS OUTRAGOUES. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEY WOULD JUST DO THAT. I was expecting them to be able to rival the i phone and they have the oportunity I dont understand why they are not taking it.

  47. maybe something like a flash player app or javascript app to watch videos on more sites not just youtube

  48. when are the apps comingggggggggggggggg?
    i love my phone i just want games and stuff like the iphone

  49. i would really like to see a lot of cool FREE apps like the i phone 3G has. this would be really really great for the instinct. also, a free drawing app would be nice. what would be reallllllllyyyyy nice is to have an app where you could change the camera settings and maybe aven be able to draw on your pics. i was very dissapointed when i got the instinct and saw that it didnt allow you to even change the cameras settings. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CREATE AN APP THAT CAN ALLOW THIS TO HAPPIN. Thanks

  50. when are the apps coming by the way i 4got to mention that. can any1 please e-mail me to tell me when these apps are comming

  51. There are apps om or on there is a working opera mini that is really fast!!!

  52. .well…i think that samsung should get better displays for the know like better settings.make the background look better because it looks so boring.annd we shuld have setting aps too like the g1 how it has like a super mario background setting.its DOPE.

  53. this phone really sucks its the biggest p o s i should have stuck with the iphone. anybody want me instinct for free? you can have it.

  54. iphonekiller

    kevins an idiot he just cant pay for all the services, thats why he doesnt like phone i have no clue why he cant put together a sentence tho.

  55. This phone is really a let down. No Apps for MS Word, or OutLook, great Ideal but no follow though. I was promise all of these Apps almost 2 years ago.

  56. This phone is really a let down. No Apps for MS Word, or OutLook, great Ideal but no follow though. I was promise all of these Apps almost 2 years ago.

  57. Loraine Clifford

    I feel like I was tricked into buying the Palm Pre. I was told that it has the applications on it like the i-phone. It doesn’t. I was deceived and now I am stuck in a contract for something that I can’t return. Don’t buy it. Go with the i-phone and At &t.

  58. Loraine Clifford

    My husband has the instinct and it is a piece of garbage. I was stupid enough to buy the palm pre. Even more of a piece of garbage. Want it?

  59. Loraine Clifford

    Keep waiting. Sprint lies. There are no apps. like with the i-phone. It’s a ploy to get you to sign on with them.

  60. Hey Loraine,

    You may not want to give up on the Palm Pre getting apps just yet– Palm is said to be releasing the SDK for the phone (the thing needed for developers to make apps) very, very soon (when we don’t know exactly, but we can’t assume it will be that much longer particularly with the iPhone 3G S launching next week). And don’t worry, once that happens you’ll FOR SURE see a lot more apps, maybe not as much initially as the iPhone had, but you WILL get some solid stuff (by comparison, the webOS SDK is only in the hands of a select few developers right now, which explains the limited amount of apps so far).

    The Pre is really the first phone to challenge the iPhone (in some ways even BEAT it– having a real keyboard for one is for sure a plus), and developers know they could really have something in the Pre and the webOS software (which Palm said they’ll be spreading to other phones as well, beyond the Pre– all the more enticing to developers).

    Hang tight! The Pre is just getting started– seriously, it’s been less than a week since it was released! So relax, enjoy the summer, and wait a couple weeks to see if anything changes (and of course, feel free to keep us updated on how things are going).


  61. like i think it should have awsome apps like the iphone ahh i wish they had the iphone for sprint:d

  62. Happy sprint customer

    some people need to stop crying about this phone, WHY? #1 It is a CELL PHONE, It is for making phone calls, Yea some new apps would be great, but let us not forget the whole soul purpose of a phone, I dont even think people buy cell phones for making calls anymore, they just whine and whine about how this phone does that and my phone dosent and blah blah blah blah blah, you have a computer, GOOGLE the phone before you buy it, It is not that hard, If you want apps go to AT&T and buy an Iphone, and stop complaining about sprint and how it does not suit your needs, obvisoully you are the idiot that shouldnt have bought the phone, stop blaming other people for your mistakes.

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