Guitar Hero E3 Info

Well, we covered Rock Band’s E3 info, and we know a lot of you LOVE Guitar Hero, so we got some info for you as well. O, Rock Band users- you may wanna check this out as well, as one of the big announcements involves you guys to. All the info is after the More link.

  • Sequel to Guitar Hero On Tour for Nintendo DS– Yes, only one month after Guitar Hero On Tour came out for the DS, Activsion is planing an encore with a game called Guitar Hero On Tour Decades. You can’t blame them though- they sold 350,000 (yes 350,000) copies in the first 3 weeks, so a successor was obvious. So what’s new in Decades? Well as you could’ve guessed, the songs in the game will probably date back multiple decades. There is also a new song sharing capability (to let your friends with the original On Tour sample some of the new tunes), and a possible addition of using the DS’s Mic for Karaoke. Not much else is known on the new game such as price or release, but we know Activision will announce more info when the time is right.
  • Latest Metallica Album to come to Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero 3 at the same time it is released on CD– This is some pretty big news, as it shows how big the impact games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are having on the music industry. It is also big news if your a fan of classic rock or Metallica. We don’t know yet how much this will cost to download, but you can expect it when Guitar Hero World Tour is released in the fall.
  • Videos of Guitar Hero World Tour in action Joystiq got some videos of this highly anticipated game in action- with everything from how the new drums will work, to using the new Song Creator, all the way down to how the game will play with a drum, guitar, and mic all at once, as well as everything in between. Check out the videos here.

Guitar Hero World Tour Demoed

  • Compatibility for Rock Band Guitar and Drums with Guitar Hero Aerosmith and World Tour!!- We saved the biggest news for last, and any one who owns Rock Band, or likes its instruments better than Guitar Hero’s, has got to be thrilled by this news. This new Rock Band compatibility comes as an update to Guitar Hero Aerosmith, will be included in Guitar Hero World Tour, and will as the title of the bullet says- allow you to use your Rock Band drums or guitar in Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero World Tour. No news on whether the new Rock Band 2’s kit is supported, or if the new Mad Catz and Ion Rock Band add-ons will work, but it still is pretty big (and nice) news regardless.

Ok, so there is the Guitar Hero E3 info. Any thoughts, questions or comments? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. What is the song’s name that they are playing on the World Tour demo?

  2. hot for teacher by van halen

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