Halo E3 News Roundup

Even though Halo didn’t make an official appearance at E3 last week (though it was supposed to on Wednesday, but got scrapped at the last minute), doesn’t mean some info on the future of the series didn’t come out. For all you curious on what is next for Master Chief and one of the top video game series’s ever– Click the More link.

  • More Info on the Upcoming Halo Wars– For those of you who haven’t heard of Halo Wars yet, it is the upcoming Halo game that takes place right before the first Halo game begins. This version of the game though is different, as unlike in the other three Halo games, you will not be playing as Master Chief (the main Halo character), but will rather be controlling either the Spartan (Human) army or the Covenant (Evil Alien) army. You also will no longer be doing the actual fighting, and will be more of a general (albeit here with much more control) in charge of instructing your forces and leading them into battle, setting up camps and building vehicles, and then later calling them into battle when needed. This is a whole new style for the series, and that is probably due to the change in makers of the game- from Microsoft and Bungie, to now Microsoft and a company called Ensemble Studios. You can expect Halo Wars to come in the early part of next year.

Pic of Halo Wars in action

  • More Rumors on a “Halo 4”– We mentioned the scrapped Bungie announcement in the intro, but the fact that there even was one led a lot of people (including myself) to believe that perhaps we’d see another version of the AWESOME game. Well, MTV further gave fuel to that fire, when a Microsoft exec. said in an interview with MTV that Bungie was indeed developing another Halo game. What type of game this will be (is it something similar to the Halo Wars game, to the previous three Halo games, something entirely new altogether- perhaps the highly anticipated Halo Chronicles game), and when we’ll actually see it, is anyone’s guess. Though lets hope it’s soon 😉

We know that this info isn’t much, but hey Halo is Halo right? What you guys think about this new Halo news, and what are your guesses on that rumored “Halo 4”? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Info from Joystiq.com and MTV’s Multiplayer Blog

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