Rock Band 2 E3 Info

We said we’d get you some Rock Band E3 info, and here it is. There is a lot of cool stuff here, and to find out all the info, Read On!

  • 500 Songs By the End of the Year– We’re starting off slow 🙂 Well, Harmonix (maker of Rock Band) said that they would have 500 songs out by the end of the year. That probably means you’ll find something to “Rock Out” to 😉 . Also, current Rock Band owners- don’t forget you can transfer your  downloaded songs to the new game, and from the new game’s downloaded songs back to the original, assuming there is no license problems- which Harmonix and MTV are currently working out.
  • New Venues and Game Modes– With those 500 songs, you got to have some new places to play right? Well, Harmonix and MTV know that and have therefore added 2 new placesTokyo and Tijuana (according to a Google search, it is a place down in Mexico). There are also 2 new game modes mentioned: a “World Tour” mode where you hire a manager (or your mother- seriously it is a choice in the game) to manage your budding virtual rock star career, and a “No Fail” mode- where there are literally no fails if you aren’t playing perfectly (or if you got some friends over and you wanna be nice and make no one feel like they can’t play- or you wanna keep things moving 🙂 ).

New Venue in Rock Band 2

  • New Accessories- Cheap Version– Probably the biggest news on the Rock Band side (actually that comes a little later, see Guitar Hero E3 post), but before that, there is a whole lot of new accessories for Rock Band. These are mainly new instruments made by Mad Catz, for those of you who want something beyond the standard Rock Band Kit.  These new instruments include a “Premium Mic” that offers sound that is “Studio Quality” and also includes buttons for things such as setup (those of you with the original Rock Band remember that you needed a controller and the Mic for set up, here it is only the Mic). Next up is the “Portable Drum Kit”– a simple Drum Kit that is playable anywhere and supposedly on anything. This Drum Kit comes with the whole deal: foot pedal, pads, and even fold able sticks. Next up is the Cymbals, which will give your drum set a little more of a realistic look and feel (though they look to only work with the standard Drum Kit, not Mad Catz’s portable version). The price of the Mic is $50, the Portable Drum Kit is $60, the Cymbal’s are $30 for a pack of 3, or otherwise $15 each. All of these should be available in the Fall, probably around the time Rock Band 2 is released.

Portable Drum Kit by Mad Catz

  • New Accessories- Not so Cheap Version– Well, these are for those of you with some more cash to spend, or with a huge desire to be a fake Rock Star. These accessories are from both Mad Catz and a company called Ion, and these accessories come in the form of a Guitar and a Drum Kit. Mad Catz is the one offering the guitar, and it is a “full size Fender Sterocaster”, that actually looks like the real thing. It also is wireless, and offers a foot pedal for “Over Drive” play for the hardcore rocker. It definitely costs a lot for that look and features- $199, and should come in the early part of next year for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.  Ion is next with their $300 Drum Kit, which for that hefty price comes with a metal enforced kick stand, and high durability pads for quiet gameplay, that also at same time register how hard you hit the pads in order to base the sound (similar to the drums on the new Guitar Hero 4). It works with both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 and is available for pre-order right now from Ion’s site, though currently it is only for the 360, but PS3 and Wii versions are in the works.

Ion Drum Kit

Okay so as you can see, some of this stuff is for just the hardcore gamer (last bullet), while some of the others are for everyone (first 3 bullets). O, and don’t worry all you Guitar Hero 4 lovers, we got some info for you to from E3. Stay tuned…. all will be out soon.

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