New satillite radio company- Sirius XM Radio

This is great news for anyone out there looking for a car with some really good satellite radio to listen to, or are one of the 18.5 million people who have either Sirius or XM. Today, after months of legal talking, Sirius and XM completed their planned merger and formed Sirius XM Radio (great name huh- wonder who thought of that). For more details including what some of the new radio packages will look like, hit the More link.

In order to fully benefit from this “new” radio company- and not just XM or Sirius respectively, you’ll need to go for one of the new packages that are coming out this fall. Those packages are: the “Best of Both” package which gives subscribers access to programming from the other network (now you get the “Best of Both” Sirius and XM), the cheaper Family Friendly packages- probably things that younger kids would be interested in, and special packages such as “Mostly Music” and “News, Talk and Sports” (I personally love this because now you get all the sports- MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Sports on one service).

There are also some benefits to for those of you who have XM or Sirius and what to get in on this new service. Current subscribers can  either upgrade to the new plans, or even leave their existing XM or Sirius plans alone and not make the new jump (which will also probably be a little more expensive). Those who do decide to upgrade can also do so without having to go out and buy all new radios- which can cost a lot of $$$. Pricing by the way for both the new plans and for those who are upgrading from existing subscriptions have not yet been announced, but we can expect it to come out soon.

What you think- you gonna now go and get yourself some new satllite radio if you don’t have it already, and if you do have Sirius or XM- are you gonna upgrade to these new plans in the fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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