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HTC Dream Arrives- Pix not blurry this time!

Remember that upcoming T-Mobile phone, the HTC Dream? Today, pictures–and as noted above, not the blurry glimpses we’ve encountered thus far (see previous link)– of the device came out and the phone looks pretty good. For all the details- with some pix, hit the more link. Read the rest of this entry

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Arriving in November

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

With all the rumored Xbox 360 price cuts for September, Microsoft must have the sick new dashboard just around the corner too right? November actually. The new update is scheduled to be release in 3 from now. Just a quick recap on what makes the update a must have:

  • Ability to save on and play games off the Hard Drive (instead of disks)– In short, this means quicker load times (big plus), lower risk of freezing with no more scratched disks (bigger plus), and an overall better gaming experience (biggest plus). However, you will have to keep the game you’re playing in the 360’s drive due to “pirating reasons” (people stealing games by making illegal copies of them).
  • Avatars (like the Wii’s Mii characters)– Not exactly sure how this will go, but we do know these will be your players in downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games like Uno!.
  • Netflix Support– This will make the Xbox 360 even more of an entertainment device, allowing you to not only buy HD and standard definition TV shows and movies, but you can now rent from the larger Netflix library and straight to the 360.
  • New “Floating Panel” Interface– We mentioned this is similar to what Windows Vista has with that new flip 3D interface, and the released pics of this new interface (see pic above), look both intuitive and aesthetically stunning

Sound good? November is still a couple months away so sit tight until this “mandatory (Microsoft’s words not ours) update” comes. In the meantime, tell us what you think of the new update, the 360, or just your video game console of choice– and what they should do to fight this update if necessary– in the comments.

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Major Xbox 360 Price Cuts Seem Official

Remember a couple weeks ago we wrote about a price cut rumor for the Xbox 360? Today, according to this Radio Shack flier on the web (see later), those price cuts were spot on. Just a recap on what those price cuts would mean:

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T-Mobile 3G Network Launch Cities Leaked

T-Mobile just can’t seem to get out of the spotlight. After some rumors on some really cool upcoming phones (HTC Dream), the Boy Genius Report has some leaked info on some of the cities on where the much-anticipated 3G cellular network will be accessible. Is your city on there? Check the list below! Read the rest of this entry

How your iPhone 3G Holding Up?

Well its been a little over a month since Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 3G came out, and now a lot of bad info is coming out- cases beginning to crack (see above pic), bad coverage/reception, dropped calls, bad sounding calls, Kill switch looking to kill you (actually for Apple to “kill” bad apps, but see this Stephen Colbert video– very funny), and we here at TeenTechBlog would like to know how you’re iPhone 3G is holding up. You suffering from these problems, other problems, no problems, still can’t find an iPhone 3G? Let us know what’s up in the comments.

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New Touchscreen Phones coming to T-Mobile?

As Sprint, Verizon and AT&T continue to grew their touchscreen phone offerings, T-Mobile looks to jump in and make a BIG splash. What we talking about? Hit the More link to find out.

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More Rock Band 2 News

Now that Madden 09 is out in the wild (see our review on it here), lets turn back to the ever popular Rock Band 2. The news we got here is not going to be the most pleasant for fans of the “old” game (and those wanting to get in on the new one), but we’ll give it to you anyways. For those who wanna know more on this, hit the More link. Read the rest of this entry

Review- Madden 09 (Xbox 360)

Real Madden 09 cover with Brett Favre as a Jet

Well, I got myself a copy of Madden 09 on Tuesday, and after spending some time playing with it I must say that it is a very worthy successor to the Madden franchise.  Wanna know more on this game and what I liked and didn’t like about? Hit the More link.

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Visual Voicemail out for Verizon

Verizon’s Visual Voicemail (pic from Verizon’s site)

Jealous of the iPhone or Samsung Instinct’s ability to use “visual voicemail” for going through voicemail, while your LG Voyager on Verizon has to go through the old fashioned way of listening to each message? If so, then today is your lucky day as Verizon has launched their own Visual Voicemail service for just $2.99 a month. That will get you the ability to save up to 40 messages for 40 days, the ability to reply through call or text to the person that called you, and of course the ability to sort through your messages in the order you want and not whatever order your phone gives you. Right now this is only available for the LG Voyager as a downloadable application from your phone, but we expect many more Verizon phones should be getting this soon as well.

More info here at Verizon’s site

T-Mobile making an App Store?

With all the buzz going to Apple’s new iPhone/ iPod Touch App Store, and Sprint readying a release of its own App Store for the Samsung Instinct, more and more App Stores are coming out from wireless carriers. Now, according to this post over at the Boy Genius Report, T-Mobile looks to be making its own cross platform App Store (works on all devices even if they’re running different operating systems– i.e. an app that runs on a Motorola Razr, a Sidekick LX and a T-Mobile Dash). The post continues to say this will be out soon- think around Fall time, will be available to access straight from your phone, and apps will be available either for free or charge (similar to what Apple has with its App Store- up to developer whether to charge for the app).

This looks to be pretty interesting, and we’re glad to see more App Stores are coming to help make our phones more fun, useful and hopefully easier to use.  What you think- is this, a new Sidekick and better cheaper plans making you wanna leave your iPhone, Instinct or Dare (and with it your fast 3G speeds) to switch to T-Mobile (who is also expected to start releasing its own 3G network October 1)? Let us know in the comments.

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