Don’t buy that Xbox 360, Macbook or iPod!!!

The new Macbook?

Yet…. Ok, I know that the headline sounds a little too extreme- but trust us, if you wait it will be sooooo worth it. What are we talking about? Click the More link to find out.

Xbox 360:

This reason is not as big as those for the iPods and Macbooks, but it still should be known none the less. The rumor (yes it is just rumor- though it’s a VERY strong rumor) going around is that come September the WHOLE Xbox 360 lineup- Arcade, 60 GB Pro, Elite- will all be receiving some nice price cuts. If that rumor does turn out to be true, then the new prices for the 360 family will be: Arcade- $199– thats right, $50 cheaper than the Wii, and a full $200 cheaper than the PS3. Pro- $299– same price as the 20 GB is now, but this one comes with 3x the Hard Drive (60 GB). Elite- $399– same price as the original 20 GB Xbox 360 Pro when it first came out, 2x the Hard Drive as the current 60 GB Pro and a cool black case for just $100 more.

All of this should be out by September (latest rumor is that the Arcade price drop comes September 7– one week before the hotly anticipated Rock Band 2 comes out for the 360 exclusively) if this all is in fact true, so if you can, wait a month before you jump into the intense world of HD gaming-  as it should be well worth your while.


Now is where we get into the fun cool stuff. Major rumors (again: not officially said by Apple) regarding the next version of the small and light Macbook laptops. There are a lot of rumors on the update that Apple is expected to give them in September, so we’ll try to break down some of the more interesting parts.

  • Made out of one sheet of Aluminum and have Glass Trackpads!– Okay, so whats the big deal here? Well, if this rumor does come true then the upcoming Macbook will not only look better and be lighter thanks to that nice sheet of metal instead of plastic, but will most likely have some kind of iPhone like multi touch action for the trackpad (trackpad is the “mouse” on laptops), Hey, if they didn’t plan something like that with a screen underneath, then why would they change the trackpad to glass to begin with?
  • New 14 inch and 15.6 inch models– If this comes, it might mean full wide screen HD screens on the Macbook, which would definitely be a nice plus.

Again this is ALL RUMOR for the time being, but if you can, wait till the end of September when Apple should announce something new- and again waiting could be very much worth your while.

Could this be the new Macbook (it is just a mock up by the way, not anything official)? Pic from


Lot of cool stuff here as well, so let’s get to it.

  • New iPod Touch– Someone was poking around in the Beta version of the upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch software version 2.1, and happened to find a listing of an iPod2,1. This is said to belong to an upcoming new iPod Touch as the original iPod Touch was called iPod1,1. What this new iPod Touch has is anyone’s guess (maybe some GPS…), but like with the Macbooks it should hopefully come out (or be announced) soon.
  • New iPod Nano– The iPod Touch isn’t the only iPod to receive an update- rumor has it that the iPod Nano will be getting a redesign to its former “thin” self. What this rumor brings is that Apple has decided that they want to return the Nano to a design similar to the 2G iPod Nano (you know the thin colorful one that didn’t play video) instead of the 3G iPod Nano that is much wider (but does play video). This new iPod Nano should also play video, you would just need to switch the iPod to its side to watch. Like the Touch rumors we don’t know much more now, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Could this be the new iPod Nano- next to pink Microsoft Zune. Again: this is just a mock up and not anything official from Apple.

O, and giving further proof on new iPods and Macbooks- Apple has released a memo to its resellers saying that shortages of  iPods and Macbooks (both Macbook and Macbook Pro) are expected for the next few weeks. Also Apple is offering HUGE discounts on both refurbished iPod Touch’s and iPod Nano’s (check’em out here), and all of this info has to give some kind of proof that Apple’s got something planned and needs to clear out current stock.

Keep checking back as we will keep you up to date with everything going on- whether it is now with more rumors, September with some of these coming true, whenever  and with whatever we’ll make sure your in the know.

Anyways, what you think- you gonna hold off buying that iPod, Macbook or Xbox 360 and believe that these rumors got something behind them, or are you going to think its all talk and get one of those gadgets with no care that something cheaper (and possibly better in the iPod and Macbook cases) is perhaps only a month a way. Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments.

Info from (Xbox 360, Macbook and iPod), (Macbook) (Macbook),and One More Thing Blog at (iPod and Macbook).

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