T-Mobile making an App Store?

With all the buzz going to Apple’s new iPhone/ iPod Touch App Store, and Sprint readying a release of its own App Store for the Samsung Instinct, more and more App Stores are coming out from wireless carriers. Now, according to this post over at the Boy Genius Report, T-Mobile looks to be making its own cross platform App Store (works on all devices even if they’re running different operating systems– i.e. an app that runs on a Motorola Razr, a Sidekick LX and a T-Mobile Dash). The post continues to say this will be out soon- think around Fall time, will be available to access straight from your phone, and apps will be available either for free or charge (similar to what Apple has with its App Store- up to developer whether to charge for the app).

This looks to be pretty interesting, and we’re glad to see more App Stores are coming to help make our phones more fun, useful and hopefully easier to use.  What you think- is this, a new Sidekick and better cheaper plans making you wanna leave your iPhone, Instinct or Dare (and with it your fast 3G speeds) to switch to T-Mobile (who is also expected to start releasing its own 3G network October 1)? Let us know in the comments.

More info from mocoNews.net

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  1. This, Dream, and upcoming 3G makes me happy to be with T-Mobile. Also a great T-Mobile blog with some great forums:

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