Major Xbox 360 Price Cuts Seem Official

Remember a couple weeks ago we wrote about a price cut rumor for the Xbox 360? Today, according to this Radio Shack flier on the web (see later), those price cuts were spot on. Just a recap on what those price cuts would mean:

1. Xbox 360 Elite for $399 (down from $450). The top bundle, including:

  • 120 GB hard drive
  • black casing with black wireless controller
  • HDMI cable–only one cable connected to the TV need for full HD quality

2. Xbox 360 Pro for $299 (down from $349). The middle bundle, including:

  • 60 GB Hard Drive
  • white casing with white wireless controller
  • HD component cable– several cables need to be plugged in for both audio and video and quality is slightly lower than with the HDMI cable–with a slot for an HDMI cable which must be purchased separately

3. Xbox 360 Arcade for $199 (down from $279). The basic bundle, including:

  • 256 MB memory card- no Hard Drive- with
  • 5 Xbox Live Arcade games preloaded
  • White casing with white wired controller
  • Regular TV cable–regular quality without HD from either a HD component or HDMI cable like the other two but includes a slot for the HDMI cable on the system

These price cuts are expected on September 7, so we recommend holding off that 360 purchase for just a bit longer.

We’ll follow this and of course keep you updated, but overall, the Xbox 360 is looking more and more affordable– the Arcade version is now cheaper than the Wii, not to mention the fact that the former can actually be found in stores :)– and is looking like an even better option for next gen gaming.

Radio Shack Ad- click on it to enlarge, and see circled items (they’re not in the real ad, just to show where to look for this info)

Info and Pic from

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  1. The price cut is a great thing. I’m just waiting to save up for my elite.

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