HTC Dream Arrives- Pix not blurry this time!

Remember that upcoming T-Mobile phone, the HTC Dream? Today, pictures–and as noted above, not the blurry glimpses we’ve encountered thus far (see previous link)– of the device came out and the phone looks pretty good. For all the details- with some pix, hit the more link.

So there are a couple things we can tell from the photos:

  1. Definitely a T-Mobile phone– T-Mobile branding located at top
  2. Similar Design to Sidekick models– Slide out keyboard and all, although this phone adds a touchscreen

    The Dream’s slide out, Sidekick like keyboard.

  3. Google’s Android Mobile OS looks REALLY good– Android, for all who don’t know, is Google’s new free mobile operating system to be used on mobile devices like cell phones- think of what Apple did by putting Mac OS X on the iPhone/ iPod Touch– and while no one has yet to really confirm how good it really is, the pictures of the almost-completed OS appears easy to use whether the device is open or closed, and with or without using your fingers. Plus, with the included and also nearly-finished Application Store, the Android should give the iPhone a strong run for its money.

Dream closed- you can see the big icons are user friendly by touch.

Prices and release dates remain unknown, though lets hope for a impending release (rumors are around October) and a reasonable price tag (NO $70 a month plans like iPhone 3G, please). What do you think– does this phone have what it takes to get T-Mobile more users,  and does this phone have what it takes to become a serious competitor (if not a better alternative) to the iPhone, Samsung Instinct or LG Dare? Sound out in the comments section below; we’re all ears.

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  1. What’s that phone called?

  2. this phone is cool is t he the new sidekick phone callded htc but it diffrent

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