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iPhone coming to Verizon/Sprint in 2009?

Coming in 2009?

This is the latest rumor hitting the streets, but before you Verizon users get your hopes up, remember this is just a rumor. What is this rumor exactly? As you may have guessed from the title, 9to5 Mac is reporting that come next year, Apple will be launching an iPhone designed to use CDMA networks — the network technology for Sprint and Verizon.

Now this would make sense for a couple of reasons:

  1. AT&T exclusivity agreement with Apple is already 2 years old — The rumor on how long this will last was between 2 and 5 years.
  2. Apple is letting go of some restrictions on the phone — In Hong Kong they are officially selling the iPhone 3G unlocked (albeit for $600- $700, or the same price it would cost to buy without contract here in the US). Apple also is letting the carriers control pricing of the phone, another sign they are “loosening up.”
  3. Apple is letting other stores beside carrier and Apple stores sell the phone– For example here in the US, you can now go to Best Buy to buy your iPhone instead of going to an Apple or AT&T store.

Now why wouldn’t Verizon work with this? Two reasons I can think of:

  1. Verizon initally turned down Apple– Yup in 2005 they were the first people approached by Apple for an iPhone, and turned them down (yeah I know- what in the world were they thinking!).
  2. The CDMA technology is a dying breed– Within the next few years, companies including Verizon and Sprint, will be going off CDMA in favor of 4th generation networks like LTE (Long Term Evolution- 4G network Verizon, AT&T and probably T-Mobile will use, very fast networks, and based on GSM- which is what AT&T and T-Mobile currently use), and XHOM (aka WiMax- very fast 4G network Sprint is using, actually started testing in Baltimore area).ย  The 4G networks are expected to begin rolling out over the next few years (not until at least 2010 though), and that would make a iPhone for CDMA a really short term investment that might not be worth taking.

I highly doubt the iPhone will be coming to Verizon or Sprint anytime soon, but hey, you never know with Apple ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your thoughts/prayers- how bad you want the iPhone to come to Verizon or Sprint (and based on our doubts we really mean prayers ๐Ÿ™‚ ), or are you happy with your Samsung Instinct or LG Dare and don’t need an iPhone. Let us know in the comments.

Info from 9to5Mac

Soon-to-be Dicontinued PS3 40 GB Getting a Price Cut Too

We all know the Xbox 360 got a very welcomed price cut a couple weeks ago, and now Sony is stepping up and trying to match Microsoft with a price cut of its own. Just a note to start: However this price cut for the 40 GB PS3 has a countdown clock. Like Microsoft did with the 20 GB Xbox 360, Sony is giving it a price cut until all the remaining PS3’s are sold.

Now what is this PS3 price cut? According to, it will bring the PS3’s 40 GB price down $40 to $359.99 (from $399.99). Additionally, these PS3s will be bundled with Spiderman:The Movie and Transformers: The Game.

This isn’t a revolutionary price cut like the 360, where the Arcade version is now the cheapest “Next-Gen” system available — and yes, cheaper than the Wii by $50 — but for those of you who wanted a PS3 for a little less cash, today is the day to go and buy one because nobody knows when the clock will run out!

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T-Mobile G1 Out!

The T-Mobile G1!!!

Forget all that iPhone 3G update stuff– that’s old news now ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday Google and T-Mobile, along with HTC, officially announced the T-Mobile G1 (previously called the HTC Dream) onto the world. This bad boy is loaded! So whats it all about and how does it compare to the iPhone 3G? Read on to find out!

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iPhone 3G Update Rumor- Update

No major updates coming?

Remember the other day when we wrote on about an iPhone 3G update? Well, more news for you today on what is going down. Today the iPhone 3G got at home activation, but its slightly different than the first iPhone — the first half of the activation happens at home and you finish it up at an Apple store (not sure if it also works at AT&T or Best Buy). While it would be better if everything could be done in the comfort of your own home, this still makes buying an iPhone far easier. Check out the new process here.

Oh, and the 32 GB iPhone memory rumor? According to the Boy Genius Report, those are just rumors and we shouldn’t expect them anytime soon- but hey, it still could happen ๐Ÿ™‚ .

What do you think: will you buy your iPhone 3G now, since no major updates are expected any time soon, or will you specifically not buy the iPhone 3G because of the change in memory and only semi in-home activation? Is the semi activation better than going to a store and starting from scratch there? Let us know in the comments.

Info from Boy Genius

iPhone 3G Getting Updated?

iPhone 3G- now with double the memory?

With all this talk (covered by us here) of new touchscreen phones going to Verizon (Blackberry Storm), and T-Mobile (HTC Dream/G1, as it is now going by), as well as Sprint’s Samsung Instinct App Store release date nearing (October 10 is when the winners of the contest for best apps should be announced, and we assume the time when we will also then get more word on when this “App Store” will launch), it is only right to go back to the phone that started all this touchscreen madness: the iPhone and its successor, the iPhone 3G.

The latest rumor we got for you today is that as soon as next week, Apple could be updating the iPhone 3G to 32 GB of storage (moving the 16 GB model to where the 8 GB is now, and dropping the 8 GB entirely), and may even go back to in-home activation!

These are two updates I would personally love because I now get a much-needed, bigger iPod for my music and videos (I right now am on an old, original 1st Gen 4 GB Nano), a better cell phone (I am on AT&T), and the fact that I can handle the whole activating process from my computer — and not have to deal with all the craziness of lines and such that go on in Apple and AT&T stores — would be AWESOME!!!

Let’s hope this comes true and soon, but in the meantime: would you go for this “new” iPhone 3G, and hold off your existing purchase of an iPhone or one of these other upcoming phones for different carriers (see top), or are you just gonna say “This isn’t going to happen, and I want my iPhone 3G/LG Dare or Samsung Instinct NOW!” Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments.

Info from Apple

HTC Dream Price Comes Out

HTC Dream- only $199.99

As we told you before, T-Mobile and Google plan to officially announce their upcoming new phone- the HTC Dream– on Tuesday. No Tuesday hasn’t come yet (hey the weekend has to come first ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but word has leaked via the Wall Street Journal that it will cost $199.99 (same as iPhone 3G) with a 2 year contract when it comes out for T-Mobile. No pricing has been announced for those who want to buy the phone without an upgrade or who don’t want to sign up with a T-Mobile plan (and will probably unlock it and use it on another network like AT&T ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), but we expect that on Tuesday, along with the release date.

In the meantime, feel free start saving up some cash for what may be your new phone ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Info from the Wall Street (Warning: to read full article you need to have an account to the Wall Street Journal Online).

Rumors and Releases on Much-Anticipated Cell Phones

Blackberry Storm for Verizon

Some really exciting news in the cell phone world coming out now, including updates on some phones that are really revolutionizing not only their brands but what we expect from a cell phone. News about the Samsung Omnia, Blackberry Thunder/Storm, Blackberry Pearl Flip, and the most anticipated- HTC Dream running Google’s Android is all here.Take a look.

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First Look: Google Chrome

Released a couple of weeks ago, Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser has received a lot of attention. We promised you a review of the browser– and if it is better than your current Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera or Firefox — and after playing with it for a bit, we have our opinion. Hit the more link for all the details.

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Rock Band 2 Out Today for Xbox 360!

Rock Band fans, your long wait for the next version of the popular music game has finally ended. Today, Harmonix and MTV Games released the next version of Rock Band — Rock Band 2 — to the world, and it can be yours for either $59.99 for just the game (for those like me who already have Rock Band 1 and don’t want more instruments lying around ๐Ÿ™‚ ), or $189.99 for the whole package: the game,ย  a new wireless drum, a new wireless guitar, and a mic.

So what you waiting for? Go to your local Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart or wherever and pick your self some new virtual rock star goodness, and let us know what you think of the new game (or if you’re waiting for Guitar Hero World Tour to come out next month) in the comments.

P.S. Owners of the PS3, PS2, or Wi: don’t be too upset, the Xbox 360 only has exclusitivityย  of the game for a month. Rock Band will be available for the PS3 on October 19, the Wii on November 16 and the PS2 on November 18.

And current Rock Band owners, feel free to download Stephen Colbert’s new free song (called “Charlene”) for Rock Band 1– it’s interesting to say the least and you can check it out here.

T-Mobile’s HTC Dream to Arrive Late this Month?

Coming soon?

Anyone interested in a touchscreen “Sidekick”-like device that runs on T-Mobile’s new 3G network, with a highly anticipated Google Android OS which may even rival the iPhone? Yeah, we thought some of you might like this. If you are among those happy people, today is your lucky day, because rumor is that come September 23, you’ll be able to buy this dream machine. And we didn’t pick up this rumor from some random website but from Reuters, a huge international news company. We’ll watch out for any other information which may hit the news stream and keep you updated.

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