Google Launching their own Web Browser

Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer not gonna be able to cut it for school? Well, then your in luck because Google today has launched their own web browser called Google Chrome. Google Chrome takes some of the best of all features of those popular web browsers and puts it into an open source format, allowing users to copy the browser’s source code (the computer language that creates and runs the browser) and use it for other programs not designed by Google. The browser is available today in Beta (test, early version) for Windows XP/Vista users, and will soon be available for Mac OS X and Linux users. I’m trying it out now, and will post a First Look review once I get to use it for a little.

In the meantime, get your Google Chrome on over here (again Windows XP/Vista users only), and feel free to let us know what you think of the new browser– and if it is better than the other, bigger browsers out there– in the comments.

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  1. Besides the obvious scroll issue(It won’t let you scroll up on mouse scroll wheel or laptop mouse pad scroller) I really like it. It gives you a ton of screen space and is very clean overall. If they fix the scroll issue and maybe make it a little bit better, I’ll definitely start using this over Firefox 3/Safari/IE any day…

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