Microsoft Launching New Zunes on Tuesday?

Zune line-up- 80GB is the tall one with the shorter ones being the Zune flash.

We know Apple will be hosting their “Let’s Rock” event next Tuesday, where new, updated iPods are expected to launch, but word now is coming out that Microsoft will be having their own rival event Tuesday, where they are rumored to be debuting new Zunes (Microsoft’s iPod competitor for those who don’t know– it hasn’t yet taken off quite like Microsoft would’ve hoped 🙂 ). Now why would we mention this? Well, couple of reasons:

  1. New/Updated Zunes– These include a 120GB model for $250, a 8GB blue Zune flash (as in running on flash memory like in those pocket memory sticks), as well as a new 16GB Zune flash which may or may not be blue. Just to put it in perspective, the Zune flash is the Zune’s version of iPod Nano; the 120GB Zune rivals the iPod Classic.
  2. New Software– Supposedly a significant overhaul of the system,  and will likely make the syncing your Zune to your computer much like the iPod-iTunes relationship.

While the Zune releases and updates may likely steal the spotlight of this Microsoft event, Microsoft is expected to talk more about– and possibly release– new “Blue Track” mice for your computer, allowing the user to use the computer mouse on more surfaces. Also anticipated are new webcams offering better videos and images.

Anyways, the big news here is the Zune, which will try yet again to take another shot at Apple’s thunder. So what do you think: what will it take you make you ditch your iPod for the Zune?

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