New Zunes Official!

New Blue Zune Flash with what might be part of the new Zune 3.0 Software

Well, I guess Microsoft isn’t really going to be stealing Apple’s thunder tomorrow (let’s face it: they had to climb a really steep hill to even become a more serious competitor), or at least in the music player department anyway. Included though in their releases were several intriguing products and updates: three impressive new Zunes– 120 GB, 16 GB Flash, and 8 GB blue Flash– packaged with the new Zune 3.0 software, games for the Zune like Texas Hold’em and Hexic (a puzzle-like game), and a clever feature which enables you to tag a song playing on the built-in radio and purchase it directly, using a new WiFi music store! Unlike Apple’s store available exclusively on the iPod touch and iPhone, the Zune WiFi music store will be accessible on all Zunes, now equipped with built-in WiFi.

The new Zune 3.0 software–which includes these updates and many more– should be out for Zunes (we assume for all versions: the original 30 GB, the more recent Zune flash in  4 and 8 GB, and Zune 80 GB) on September 16. The new 16 GB and 120 GB Zunes will arrive in stores September 12 for $199.99 and $249.99 respectively according to Amazon, presumably preloaded with the 3.0 software. No word on the release date nor pricing of the blue Zune flash but we guess sooner than later– from now to the 16th are the most likely, with our bets on the 12th.

So there you have it. Some news on a Mp3 player from someone other than Apple (don’t worry Apple/ iPod lovers- your day is coming soon 🙂 ).

What you think, will the new software and the WiFi advantage will be enough to make a dent in Apple’s dominance of the market? Also current Zune owners– those brave individualistic souls pushing against the cultural current– how do you feel about the new updates? And while you’re at it, take the much-cherished opportunity to let the world know why you chose the Zune over the iPod?

Info from, Pix from Microsoft’s Press Release

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