New Macbooks Coming in October?

Macbook touch?

The new iPods are out, and the Xbox 360 got the rumored price cut, so only one item remains from our “Don’t Buy That iPod, Macbook or Xbox 360” post: the new Macbook. Not to worry though. While Apple didn’t put them out in their event on Tuesday, is reporting that on October 14, Apple will be hosting a “Let’s Macbook” — a name we think will probably change beforehand 🙂 — event where (you guessed it!) they will reveal the updates to the Macbook lineup.

We expect to see changes to each of the 3 Macbook lines: a new steel designs for the Macbook, a new design for the Macbook Pro, and even a specs update to the Macbook Air (the hard drive in the updated 120 GB iPod Classic is the same type as in the Air, so we assume Apple will throw it into the Air as well), along with anything else you think Apple got up its sleeve. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see that Macbook touch pictured at the top (for the record: that is not real but someone’s Photoshop dream).

So what do you think: will you hold off on that Macbook purchase just a tad longer and wait for the refresh, or are you gonna say “This ain’t gonna happen, and I need it for school now!” Let us know in the comments.

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