iPhone coming to Verizon/Sprint in 2009?

Coming in 2009?

This is the latest rumor hitting the streets, but before you Verizon users get your hopes up, remember this is just a rumor. What is this rumor exactly? As you may have guessed from the title, 9to5 Mac is reporting that come next year, Apple will be launching an iPhone designed to use CDMA networks — the network technology for Sprint and Verizon.

Now this would make sense for a couple of reasons:

  1. AT&T exclusivity agreement with Apple is already 2 years old — The rumor on how long this will last was between 2 and 5 years.
  2. Apple is letting go of some restrictions on the phone — In Hong Kong they are officially selling the iPhone 3G unlocked (albeit for $600- $700, or the same price it would cost to buy without contract here in the US). Apple also is letting the carriers control pricing of the phone, another sign they are “loosening up.”
  3. Apple is letting other stores beside carrier and Apple stores sell the phone– For example here in the US, you can now go to Best Buy to buy your iPhone instead of going to an Apple or AT&T store.

Now why wouldn’t Verizon work with this? Two reasons I can think of:

  1. Verizon initally turned down Apple– Yup in 2005 they were the first people approached by Apple for an iPhone, and turned them down (yeah I know- what in the world were they thinking!).
  2. The CDMA technology is a dying breed– Within the next few years, companies including Verizon and Sprint, will be going off CDMA in favor of 4th generation networks like LTE (Long Term Evolution- 4G network Verizon, AT&T and probably T-Mobile will use, very fast networks, and based on GSM- which is what AT&T and T-Mobile currently use), and XHOM (aka WiMax- very fast 4G network Sprint is using, actually started testing in Baltimore area).Β  The 4G networks are expected to begin rolling out over the next few years (not until at least 2010 though), and that would make a iPhone for CDMA a really short term investment that might not be worth taking.

I highly doubt the iPhone will be coming to Verizon or Sprint anytime soon, but hey, you never know with Apple πŸ˜‰

What are your thoughts/prayers- how bad you want the iPhone to come to Verizon or Sprint (and based on our doubts we really mean prayers πŸ™‚ ), or are you happy with your Samsung Instinct or LG Dare and don’t need an iPhone. Let us know in the comments.

Info from 9to5Mac

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  1. I’ll never have an Iphone as long as AT&T/Cingular is the only carrier. I’d prefer tin cans and string before going back to that hell hole. The Iphone just isn’t that great a phone. Don’t know if it’s AT&T or the hardware, but aside from all the goodies and apps you really can’t make/take a decent call. I work with four Iphonies and hate when they call me. They’re either cutting out or all static.

    But what really swings the Iphonies is the Apple App store. My wife has an Instinct (yes, she was my guinea pig), and while the phone works quite well, it’s not all comparable to the Iphone. My Treo 755p is better equipped to go head-to-head with Apple’s offering than the Instinct. That’s because of the available fare.

    Need an app for the Iphone? You really don’t have to do a whole lot of digging. Need an app for the Samsung Instinct? Hope your Google skills are honed.

    Yes, if by some miracle Sprint does get its paws on an Iphone I’ll be standing in line for one. That is, unless they remove the foot from their mouth and take another look at Android. Given the choice, I’d jump at Android, but then that’s only if Linux Mobile is not a player.

  2. hi did iphone come to sprint so when?

  3. No, the iPhone did not come to Sprint but they do have the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro available which are, in my opinion, better than the iPhone.

  4. palm pre ftw!

  5. Josiah Schaffer

    I agree that the touch pro is more equipped with better features,
    but I’m tired of windows mobile, it just constantly lags and I have many
    problems with my HTC Mogul. I have an Ipod touch and love it, I would totally buy an ipone if Sprint had it!

  6. ALL new phones are being compared to the Iphone. Wether you like it or not, this means that the Iphone is the leader and the new standard. I have been with Verizon for many years and will probably jump ship for the Iphone. Why? Because Verizon is going nowhere with their phones. IF the Verizon phone has nice features, ie GPS, Verizon locks them down. Verizon has put the breaks on for advancement and it will eventually be their downfall. Yes, they have great coverage, but AT&T is improving rapidly. With AT&T having the better phones already and an improving network, Verizon will soon wakeup to realize that their phone offerings are outdated and their EVDO is covered in dust.

  7. Getting out of Sprint now would be foolish for me because I have an old family plan at a fantastic price that you can’t find anymore. Going over to AT&T would increase the bill about 75-100 bucks. Damn, I really want the iPhone. I have a Centro now…not too excited about the Pre.

  8. Okay so I am one to say that i would really like the iphone for sprint!

    all the phones i have had the keyboards suck!
    my friend owns the iphone and i love it.
    you can get it ghost armored to protect the screen and me being a girl i love Juicy Couture and they carry a silicon case for it!

    I don’t care about all the negative parts about the iphone, i believe that for me, it would work. everyone’s different but I am one to really want it for sprint!

  9. No, AT&T service sucks, its not getting better. Why do you think that the “thing” even came up about the sending the phone out to other carriers. Its because people like the iPhone but the service it comes with is crappy!

  10. Jose Castillo lll

    Verizon and Sprint they need to bring the I Phone, I believe that for me, it would work.Everynone’s different but I’m one to rellu want it for sprint!

  11. Yeah I have the HTC Pro and the phone is not the best…. I have gotten about 6 new phones in less then a year. Because there is always something wrong with it. But I love the service for sprint so I think they need to get the iphone as well. πŸ™‚

  12. when will the iphone come to sprint

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