Get an Xbox 360 Pro or Elite for $50 less!

We know Microsoft just gave major price cuts to the entire Xbox 360 lineup (we wrote about it here), but if those new cheaper prices weren’t enough for you to go out and buy one, then this probably will. On the Dell Online Store — yes, they do sell things outside of computers — from now until October 6, when you enter a promotion code at check out, you will be able to save an additional $50 on an Xbox 360 Pro with a 60 GB hard drive (down to $249–same price as the Wii!)  or an Xbox 360 Elite (down to $349). 

For the 360 Pro: 7V2DJL$PD6NGWZ

For the 360 Elite: NP?CKPRH$KTWLL

These codes are real- I tried them myself, and all you need to do is add the selected 360 to your cart (click on the name of the system before the code above to get the respective page on the Dell Store site), go to checkout, and copy and paste the respective code in the “Add Coupon” section. Oh, and Dell will also include FREE 3-5 Day Shipping!

What this means to you: This is just for a limited time–only the next 3 days— but if you want a 360 for either yourself or for somebody else to get ahead on the upcoming holiday season, now may be the best time to buy it.

What do you think- Is now the time to buy, or does it pay to wait it out a little longer, expecting even better deals as the holiday season comes closer? Let us know in the comments.

Info from Xbox 360

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