Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Arrives November 19

New Xbox 360 Dashboard

New Halo 3 info not enough for you and your Xbox? Well this should be enough. The Xbox website says that on November 19, the new dashboard update will be available. A recap on some of the things the update brings:

  • Slick 3D “flip” menu interface
  • Load games off of your hard drives instead of the disc (this is faster and brings no more worries of scratched discs!)
  • Avatars (like Mii’s on the Wii) for Xbox Live Arcade games

This is a nice little update and will be both mandatory and free (you will need to download it, but you will also need to have at least 256 MB free for it to download) when it comes out next month.

We also have news for those perspective buyers out there who didn’t buy an Xbox 360 last week when Dell was giving those $50 off coupons (we wrote about it here). From now till who knows when, all versions of Xbox 360 (yes all: Arcade, Pro and Elite) will be bundled with full games in the box…free! The Pro and Elite with the Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones and the Arcade (already including the regular 5 Xbox Live Arcade games like Pac-Man and Uno!) with a full copy of Sega Superstar Tennis. There are no changes in the overall price of the system, so think of this as an early holiday present to you from Microsoft 😉

New Xbox 360 Pro Bundle. Pic from

Any of this info enough to make you wanna save up some $$$ and buy an Xbox 360, or are you gonna wait a little longer till the holiday season comes closer, looking for a better deal? Let us know in the comments.

Dashboard info from, Xbox 360 deal info from

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  1. Looking pretty good! About time they updated the dashboard

  2. lol my xbox broke but i cant belive u can put full games on hard drive that means rent games and download on hard drive :]

  3. PapercuTT-

    While that would be awesome to never have to pay for a game again, Microsoft says you will need to have the physical game inside the system when you play the game off the hard drive. You can’t just copy a game you rent or borrow and play it when you return it.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  4. awww crap o well dont forget about the chat

  5. Why would you copy a game to the hardrive if you have to have the disk in the system to play it. It sounds like a waste of space to me.

  6. u woud copy as it runs faster an once started the disk wont spin givven u a aoyin noise ad it wot scratch 😀

  7. soz my “n” key is broke at mo it only works sometimes

  8. I am not looking forward to this update. It’s going to take away the sleek and simple Blades dashboard, and replace it with a corrupted looking wii knockoff. I’m considering unplugging my xbox live indefinitely to avoid this.

  9. The new update is garbage, I hate it soo much, there should be a 360 classic setting this thing is like ps3/wii mix I just want my 360 back, i hate this update soo much, I think it’s the dumbest thing microsoft has ever done, and it make the system childish, come on an avatar, isnt there a reason you have a profile pic, get this garbage out of here and give me back my original dashboard!

  10. lol yo this update is mad chill besides the Avatar thing but personally u are crazy if u dnt think its better

  11. I did the dashboard update today it restarted my 360 and had me create an avatar when i went to save it froze the screen i tried to restart it 4 times and it freezes right away now i have 4 red lights in the ring and it does nothing if xbox doesn’t replace this I’m done with them

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