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Remember the hit game that came out last year, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? On November 11, you can get its next version: Call of Duty World at War (also known as Call of Duty 5). Wanna know all about this new edition of the game, what’s new? Then read on!

The Setting: Unlike the last edition which took place in the 21st century (modern era, hence the name “Modern Warfare”), Call of Duty World at War returns to the World War 2 roots of the series. Here we pick up with the crazy battles that help end World War 2, playing the Americans and Russians and fighting the evil Germans and Japanese (just read a history book 😉 ).


Xbox 360, PS3, PC version

  • New Enemies, Environments and Strategies– This is, of course, insanely cool. You now go up against much tougher foes like tree top camouflaged snipers, ambushes, and those looking to fight against the Allied forces (US, England, Russia- the good guys in WW2).
  • New Weapons– This is something that is really awesome to me as someone who loved all the weapons in Modern Warfare. There’s more air and vehicle attacks, and new weapons like a flamethrower (seriously, how sick is that?!?!). You got all you need to kick some Axis (Germany, Japan) butt!

Flamethrower in Call of Duty: World at War

  • New Multi-Player Campaign mode– Halo 3 had this, and I gotta say beating a game with a friend (or younger bro in my case) is far more fun than doing so for hours alone. These campaigns can be played with 2 players on split screen (like Halo 3) or 4 players online — something Halo didn’t offer, but should be awesome. Oh, and for our  more competitively-minded readers who wanna play this Co-Op mode, there are stats in the game that show who the best member of your team really is– let the mocking begin!
  • Built-in Call of Duty 4 Engine– What in the world does this mean? Now got AMAZING graphics to go with your intense game play.


  • Squadmate mode– Like the Co-Op mode mentioned above, this lets you play with 2 players using split screen.
  • Online, Multi-Player Games– COD is finally bringing multi-player to the Wii, and in a big way. Not only can you play in all kinds of games, but you create your own player and customize him using “perks” won through achievements.
  • Wii Zapper Support– You can now use the “Wii gun” to shoot in the game- definitely awesome.


This version is called Call of Duty World at War: Final Fronts, and this takes you up to some of the crazy battles that helped lead to the end of WW2.

  • “The Pacific Theater” mode- new game mode where you play the Americans as they go up against the Japanese
  • Fight in tougher foreign climates— ambushes, booby traps etc.
  • New Weapons- like the Flamethrower (again- totally AWESOME!).

Nintendo DS

This version is a little different than the console versions above.

  • Team Fighting– unlike the consoles, this is main focus with the DS edition, offering game modes like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.
  • Touchscreen Functions– use the touchscreen part of the DS to send Morse Code (think communication before cell phones, texting and email), disarm mines, parachute to safety, heal fellow soldiers, and provide backup to win in some of the craziest battles ever.
  • Online Multi-player with WiFi- here you can play all those regular game modes with up to 4 other people around the world!

What this means to you: Great for those of you into the Call of Duty series, or are looking for a great fighting game that is more realistic than, say, fighting aliens in Halo. This also could be helpful (and very fun) to those who are currently studying WW2 particularly the end.

I am a big fan of the Call of Duty series (Modern Warfare got me hooked) and got my copy already ordered (you can do so here). Of course, you can expect a full review of the game soon after we get it.

Just a note: The game is rated M for Mature due to its fighting, blood and violence and language used in the game, and you will need to be over 17 to buy it in a store. The PS2 and DS versions are rated T for Teen due to lesser versions of that mentioned above.

The game launches on November 11 for all the systems mentioned above, for the following price tags:

  • $49.99 for Wii and PC
  • $59.99 for 360 and PS3
  • $39.99 for PS2
  • $29.99 for the DS.

What you think- this game on your holiday wishlist, already have it pre-ordered, or are you going to wait till Call of Duty 6 and see if they go back to a Modern Warfare style instead of WW2? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. can you play mutiplayer on a ps2

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