Save $100 on a PS3 this Weekend at Walmart


Walmart ad for this weekend sale

Wanted an 80 GB PS3 but the price was keeping you away? Run down to your local Walmart and pick one up this weekend, because although the PS3 won’t receive a price cut this holiday season (Sony already said no to the idea), you can get a $100 gift card when your purchase the 80 GB system for $399 over the weekend.

One major catch you should be aware of: this offer is in-store only (or so we know) and starts on Saturday at 8 am (yup for those of you who really– and we mean really — want this, you’ll need to get up pretty early).

$100 off a HD video game system which doubles as a Blu-Ray player is pretty good deal, but remember: for those who don’t want to give up their weekend to wait in line for this deal, I’m pretty sure there will be many other price cuts for all of the video game systems (including the Xbox 360 and Wii) in the very near future as Black Friday– the major sales day following Thanksgiving– and the holiday season approaches.

What you think- are you going out this weekend to pick up for yourself a PS3, or more interested in going for a Xbox 360 or a Wii? Oh, and feel free to check out the other weekend deals in the ad and let us know if your interested in any of ’em.

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