Black Friday Deals Highlights


There’s a reason all these people lined up last year (Pic from ABC News)

For those who don’t know, Black Friday* is the day after Thanksgiving — the first day of the holiday shopping season —  and stores put out deals with HUGE SAVINGS on EVERYTHING, including electronics.

So if you want/need something new and value your wallet, READ ON!

*alludes to companies profits rising from “red” to “black” from its large volume of sales, though its less likely due to the current economic turmoil

All the major stores have great deals going down: Best Buy, Amazon, Circuit City (who really need go holiday sales if they wanna stay in business 😉 ), Amazon, Walmart, Costco- you name it.

For all the info on the deals from these and tons of other stores check out, but we’ll give you a small taste of some of the deals that catch our interest in this post.

By the way, if you really wanna capitalize on these Black Friday deals, you better be ready to get up really early (think earlier than 5 AM!) because the lines here are crazy.

Here’s some of our picks from each store.


  • Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle- (see here) with Sonic Saga. wireless controller and Guitar Hero 3 with Guitar for $199.99 – this is a perfect example of insane Black Friday deals.


Xbox 360 Walmart Deal

Best Buy:

  • Xbox 360 60GB Console with 4 games (Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, NBA 2K9, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground) for $299.99. For those who wanted a 60 GB system deal instead of the deal Walmart is offering (above) for the Arcade.
  • AT&T LG VU With Touch Screen – $49.99 with New 2-Year Contract- another great deal.
  • $100-$150 off Macbooks and Macbook Pro’s– yup, this is even for the new Macbooks that came out only a lil’ while ago (see here for a recap of new Macbook info). This is great for those looking to buy one of those new, sweet, aluminum Macbooks (oh, and you can save even more on some of the older plastic Macbooks- I saw one with a $300 savings!). Check it here.

Circuit City:

  • Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle with Extra Controller & 20GB HDD – $199.99. As you’re probably noticing, the Xbox 360 is getting major deals everywhere, but for those looking for an Arcade bundle (or anyone looking for a video game system below $200), but here you are basically getting what was the discontinued Pro model as a new deal. This is AWESOME and should make a great holiday gift.


  • Creative Labs 8 GB Mp3 and Video player w/ built-in speaker and voice recorder for $79! Perfect for anyone who wants a great music player loaded with features, that is also almost $100 cheaper than the iPod Nano.


Creative Zen Mozaic 8 GB

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for only $299- This is a tiny little laptop — aka netbook — is perfect for school and travelers with its small 9 inch screen. I assume this version is the one running a special Linux OS with a 4 GB SSD (solid state drive), and it may not be the perfect system for those who aren’t completely tech savvy.

Dell also sells a Windows XP version and both models have room for up to 32 GB SSD (these aren’t designed to replace you big 15 inch laptops or desktops), and these models may cost more than the $299 price here, though not much higher (these aren’t available with those expensive add ons you find on other computers).

For all the info on the Dell Mini 9 click here.


Dell Mini 9

This is just a small sample of the crazy deals coming on Friday. For all the info on all the deals go to that site.

What you think- any of the Black Friday deals listed going to make you wake up early on Friday? You gonna wait till a little later in the Holiday shopping season looking for even better deals? If you are getting something on Black Friday- what is it? Let us know in the comments. 

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