Dell Mini 12 Netbook to Ship in December


The Dell Mini 12

So we all know about Black Friday and the deals (see our previous post here), but what about the new netbook from Dell — the Dell Inspiron Mini 12. Will it come out in time for Black Friday?

The answer is No. The Dell Mini 12 will be coming out on December 8th (though you can order it from Dell’s site now). This netbook will be a first for netbooks as it will be a 12 inch netbook in comparison to the standard 9-10 inch models released by other companies (including Dell with their Mini 9). This netbook seems a perfect match for me as it is bigger than standard netbooks but more portable (and cheaper!) than ultra portable laptops.

This netbook’s basic model will come with:

  • 1.3 GHz Intel Atom CPU- upgradable to 1.6 GHz (if you need your system to run faster)
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 40 GB hard drive- upgradable to 60 or 80 GB

Also, like with other Dell’s, it can be customized by changing design/color of the screen to your personal tastes.

Starting at $549, the Dell Mini 12 won’t win any awards for stellar performance but if you are going from class to class it can be very helpful.

The only thing bugging me is that, for now, the only operating system is Vista which, according to early reports, is not running too well on this low power configuration with a not-so-powerful processor and only a GB of RAM (2 things Vista REALLY needs to have a lot of to run smoothly).

Hopefully, they will soon release the Windows XP version which is slated to be out in the near future and should run very well under these conditions

So will you spring for this hybrid laptop/netbook? Or the smaller Dell Mini 9 we wrote about in our Black Friday deals yesterday? Or will you just go for a regular laptop on Black Friday? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Starting at $549
    >> This is IMO a little bit too expensive to stand out of the competition.

    The only thing bugging me is that, for now, the only operating system is Vista … on this low power configuration with a not-so-powerful processor and only a GB of RAM
    >> You’re completely right Vista is absolutely not the best choice according to those specifications.
    Windows XP will be a better choice.

    Another very critical elements to take into consideration are the Weight of the laptop and the battery autonomy

  2. True it is a bit expensive for a netbook. But then again if you do need a cheap computer that has portability this is a good choice.

    I did not mention the weight, which is 3 lbs, which is very good when you consider the size of the netbook.

  3. I love netbooks! They’re a great size and the Atom processor is built specifically for this size of machine. You have to remember that netbooks aren’t full featured laptops so they don’t really need alI of the bells and whistles. I actually work for Intel and the Atom processor that is popping up in netbooks everywhere is super fast and helps with battery life. The Dell Mini is near the top of the price range but is pretty cool to play with!

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