How to Backup your iPod (for Windows PC’s)


SharePod for Windows (no, that’s not my iPod- it’s a pic I found online ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Got a bunch of music and videos on your iPod and want to make sure you have them backed up onto your computer?

This is a great little program that not just does it’s job, but does it really well. The program is called SharePod and can be downloaded for free here (don’t worry this won’t give your computer viruses or anything like that — I got it here and no problems on my PC). Anyways, all you do once you download this small file is open it up, click on the items you want to copy to you computer and click on the icon in the upper left that says “Copy to PC.” Then you select the folder you want the items to go into (I would recommend you put it in My Music or Desktop– or anywhere you’d remember it’s location), then click OK- and your done! Your files are now on your computer!

Now let’s say you wanna take those files you backed up (say you got them from a different computer in your house), and now transfer them to your iTunes. Well, don’t worry, this is also just a quick step away. Open iTunes and go to “File Add File to Library”, then go to where you saved your file from your iPod on your computer (see, this is where knowing where you saved the file is important ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and click on it to add to your iTunes library. If its a video, then the file will go to your Movie’s section in iTunes, and if it’s a song, then it will go to music.

See, that wasn’t so hard ๐Ÿ™‚ , and now you got your songs and videos saved onto your computer.

SharePod is a free download from, and works with Windows XP and Vista, as well as with all iPod’s and iPhone’s including the iPhone 3G and new iPod Touch (2nd Generation) and iPod Nano (4th Generation).

So, what you think- this work well for you? Got questions? Wanna reccomend a different, easier program? Sound off in the comments!

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