Verizon’s LG Versa- the coolest phone EVER


That G2 leaked pix we showed you other day? That was nothing compared to this new phone Verizon and LG have up their sleeves. The phone is the LG VX9600, or Versa, and once you see what it can do, you’ll see why we’re giving this the title of the COOLEST PHONE EVER! So what you waiting for? Hit the read link and let’s go!

Ok, so what is this LG Versa, and why is it so great? Well, I think it’s because it’s fully customizable: a game pad, a speaker, a full keyboard, or even an internet piece with built in WiFi. Oh, and this is all on top of an all touchscreen phone which looks very similar to the awesome LG Dare. This thing truly lets you make the phone you want. Want an awesome touchscreen but also a real, physical keyboard? Just add the piece. Want a real loud speaker to play music? Add it. Internet over WiFi? Sure.

This could really be a game changer for a lot of phones, as it empowers us, the buyers, to design the phone to what actually fits us, adding the necessary and removing the unwanted.

lg-versa-pic-1 lg-versa-pic-2

The LG Versa- the first picture is with the phone and the keyboard add-on, the second is just the phone by itself.

Not much else is known right now about the phone — the features, price, release date, or how the customizing process works (do you need to buy each one individually or does it come with one or some of them. Unfortunately, my guess is that we’d need to buy each one individually, but I’d be happy if Verizon and LG proved me wrong and bundled a few in the box! 🙂 ).

Though we dont know too much yet, do you think this phone is up your alley? And even if not, do you think this sounds like the coolest phone ever, or would you rather give that title to a phone like the iPhone, Samsung Instinct, T-Mobile G1, or Palm Pre (or any other phone for that matter!). Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Okay, so lets be real with the last part of the statements… First of all, the fact that this phone is on the Verizon Network places it a step above all other phones in other networks with in this nation! The other thing, the capability to fit all types of users is awesome! Now you can have a contoller in place of lookin like a retard twisting your phone left and right up and down and so forth(i-phone). Now my concern is if this phone will compete with the Samsung Omnia’s camera, 5.0 megapixel?! Also, will it have HD screen like the BB Storm?! Memory Capability?!
    The idea of having WiFi is awesome, as long as verizon doesn’t require v-cast with the phone like they have been doing with the web and email packages on the PDA and Black Berry phones. It makes the WiFi pointless on the Omnia, or on any other wifi capable phone for that matter! In conclusion this phone is awesome, and i think that it has the potential to be the “Coolest phone ever” as long as they spank the other phones cameras and HD capabilites!

  2. its a cheaper version of the dare so it has a 2.0 mp camera and not an hd screen its not meant to be the new greatest phone its just a cheaper option than the dare with some cool new ideas added

  3. That is awesome! It reminds me of that technology where you create your own gadgets and program them. I for get the name though, sorry…

  4. That phone sucks and its the ugliest phone i have ever seen!

  5. what i think is that the lgenv touch is the most coolest phone ever u people should advertise about that phone because the phone when you talk a picture the phone lets you draw on it and the speaker is very high and i bet higher than the phone you guys put on this and the phone when you talk pictures it has flash and NOW you can take pictures in the dark .(*.*) cool huh so that why you guys should put that as the MOST COOLEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)<3 this means a heart see ❤ soo NOW THATS TH MOST COOLEST PHONE EVER.thank you 4 reading 🙂 ❤

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