The Amazon Kindle 2


The Amazon Kindle 2

Some of you may have heard of Amazon’s digital book (called an e-book, and yes people do read books 🙂 ). Believe it or not- and we know a lot of you probably won’t believe it 😉 , the first Kindle was really popular, and they were constantly sold out on Amazon’s site.

The original Kindle  let you read countless books on one small, thin device and let you download new books, magazines and newspapers straight to the Kindle using Sprint’s 3G network– all without charging you a monthly data price.

Now the Kindle, as we said, was really, really popular, and this past week Amazon announced the next generation version  of the device, cleverly named the Amazon Kindle 2. So what’s new in the Kindle 2 and why should you care? Well, read on to find out!

We’ll break this one down like we break down everything else- feature by feature.

  • Thinner Design– This Kindle 2, is 1/3 of an inch thick (or should we say thin!); it’s as thick as a magazine or a pencil!


Ya, we’re talking pencil thin!

  • Very Light– This is lighter than most paper back books, so not only do you get all those books, but you get them in something lighter than 1 physical book!
  • Built-in Sprint 3G- The Kindle 2 keeps the same great 3G features that let you buy books, and view newspapers, blogs and magazines right on the device.


The New York Times on the Kindle 2

  • Updated Screen– The screen on the Kindle 2 is updated, and now pages turn 20% faster!
  • Over 230,000 books, available from the Kindle’s store– and counting!– Basically you can read A LOT!
  • Better Battery– According to Amazon, you can go DAYS, yes DAYS, of use without charging.
  • “Read-to-Me”– Probably the coolest feature on this device. This feature will, you guessed it, read the books to you- so not only can you read it, you can listen to it to! Let the laziness begin!
  • Hold’s 1,500 books– Yup, a “library in your pocket.”

So there are the features, what are our own thoughts? Well, I think this is a really cool device. While my reading is more SI and ESPN magazine, online articles, as well as the daily newspaper, and usually not books, I’m not sure this device would be perfect for me (though who knows, maybe having a cool device like this would inspire me to read more 😉 ). But for someone who is a “bookworm”, and would love to be able to have 1,500 books in their pocket- this should fit the ticket.

The Kindle 2 can be pre-ordered now from for $359, and will be released on February 24th.

What do you think: you a bookworm and gonna get this? Interested, but don’t want to spend the $359? Not really into books at all and would rather just use that $359 and get yourself an iPod Touch and a book reading app? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I definitely think this would be a great gift, and, if you are, as you said, very into books, this would be extremely helpful. However, I must put in a word of skepticism – one pays $359, not including tax, buying the actual books, subscribing to the actual newspapers/magazines. To sum it up, somebody who buys this book must spend at least $600 in just a few months for a few books. Wait – what’s that I hear? There’s a place to rent books for free for up to 3 weeks, and you can even renew it for longer? What’s it called? Oh, it’s called a public library!
    One is paying so much for books he can rent for free, and lets face it – how many times will you read a book twice?

  2. it’s easy to imagine the Kindle being combined with the functionality of a cell phone, PDA and mp3 player to make an all-in-one gadget

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