Latest on the Add-on Enabled LG Versa


LG Versa!

We recently wrote about arguably one of the coolest phones EVER (or at least in 2009 😉 ): the completely customizable LG Versa for Verizon.

Today we come to you not only with more info like a list of features, release date (March 1st!), and price (a not too bad $199.99 on a 2 year contract and $50 mail in rebate), but also some more official looking pix of the phone and some of the many add-ons that will be available when the phone comes out.


As you could probably tell, this is a really loaded device. I mean, it has to be when you can pretty much add anything through little accessories (such as WiFi with the “internet module”, keyboard with the keyboard add on etc.). So now let’s go to what is included in the device itself, and not just available when you add a piece.

  • 3 inch Touchscreen with “Haptic” feedback– This is pretty much the exact same type of screen you see on the current LG Dare. The “haptic” feedback is a little vibration from the phone when you touch the screen to give you the feeling that your pressing a real button, and it actually is quite usefull. LG also here looks to have the made the screen even better looking than the Dare’s, by updating the screen resolution, a very welcome feature which should make pix, videos, and pretty much everything else look much better.
  • Verizon 3G, with all the V-Cast services– Services like V-Cast Music, Video, and Visual Voicemail.
  • Full Web Browser
  • Add-ons– Yeah, we wrote about this a lot in our previous post, and this is the reason why we called it the coolest phone ever!


LG Versa’s Game Pad add-on.

  • MicroSD card slot with ability to up to 16 GB– Perfect for storing your music and videos for watch on the go.
  • GPS with Verizon Navigator
  • Customizable menus- Every time you put on a new add-on, you get a menu to go with it.
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Flash, Auto-Focus and Video capture- This is where things get a little interesting. For one, this phone looks an awful lot like the Dare, and is actually a successor to the Dare according to the product number LG and Verizon give it (LG VX9600 compared to the Dare’s LG VX9500). So our question is- if its a successor, then why do they lower the camera from 3.2 megapixels on the Dare to just 2 megapixel here?


From the leaked, official-looking pix, there looks to be a lot of awesome add-ons available on (or close to) the  launch day of March 1st! This means everything from the attachable keyboard, game pad, to a music player add-on should be available at or close to launch. These add-ons look really cool, for example the keyboard add-on not only adds a flip open keyboard, but an external screen, and the music case add-on makes the Versa seem something like a Chocalate!


LG Versa Keyboard

The game pad also is really cool, looking very PSP and Nintendo DS like, but from what’s been reported it’s gonna be available for only a limited time after launch. Now we don’t know bout this, but we’d guess that Verizon may keep this out for more than just “a limited time.” We don’t know about other add-ons like the WiFi internet add-on, but we hope it’ll also be out soon (hey just check out this pic of the box it’ll ship in!).


LG Versa’s box

Overall, this still seems to be an awesome phone, and until someone shows us something better, we still call this one of the coolest phones of 2009. It’s even better now that we know it’s launching soon and that it will be at a pretty nice price spot.

The LG Versa is expected to launch on March 1st, for $199.99 on a 2 year contract and with a $50 mail in rebate.

So, what you think– you like? You gonna go out on March 1st and pick this phone up, and if so, what add-ons you gonna get with it? You not into the whole add-on thing, and instead will go for the current (and cheaper) LG Dare? Let us know your plans in the comments.

Info and Pix from and Cell Phone For a full gallery of pix on the LG Versa, see Engadget’s gallery here.

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  1. I would just like to add a correction to your article. The LG Dare is the VX9700, not the VX9500. The order of the numbers seems to have no bearing on whether a phone is a successor to another or not. For example, the LG enV is the VX9900, while the LG enV2 is the VX9100. From what I have seen, the phone is gorgeous though. Our store has only sold one so far.

  2. could you possibly try to make a list of all the possible add ons to the phone?!

  3. is the game pad out yet and how much is it

  4. supposedly april 1st and i heard $29

  5. i have the versa and the game pad got it a week ago but i cant find anyway to add flash games it’s not supported with bitpim anyone got any ideas yet?

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