LG Versa Out Today for Verizon!


Well, it looks like all the rumors we wrote about for the launch of LG”s all new, customizable Versa were spot on. Today LG and Verizon released the Versa right on schedule, for the price we already knew of $199.99.

To recap, what makes this phone so cool  is the fact that you can pretty much customize a phone very similar to the popular all touchscreen LG Dare, to be whatever type of phone you want. Want to add a game pad? WiFi? Just buy the add on and pop it in. They even throw in a keyboard to attach if you want it.

The one possible down side to all these add ons is that you need to remove the battery cover in order to add them on, and some of them — like the keyboard — add some size and thickness to the phone which may not be for everyone. Regardless, from all the early reviews we’ve seen online, this phone really looks to keep up to the title we gave it when we first wrote about it– the coolest phone ever!

You can get the LG Versa  in Verizon Stores and Verizon’s site (here).

For a full review of the specs, hit the more link, but before you do that, we gotta ask… is this a phone you’re gonna get, and if you do, feel free to post your thoughts on it as a comment on this post, or would you rather go for a phone like the LG Dare (a cheaper version of a phone very similar to the Versa, just without the ability to add different types of add ons), or a phone like the LG Voyager where the keyboard and touchscreen are both already built in. Let us know in the comments.


  • 3 inch Touchscreen with “Haptic” feedback– This is pretty much the exact same type of screen you see on the current LG Dare. The “haptic” feedback is a little vibration from the phone when you touch the screen to give you the feeling that your pressing a real button, and it actually is quite useful. LG also here looks to have the made the screen even better looking than the Dare’s, by updating the screen resolution, a very welcome feature which should make pix, videos, and pretty much everything else look much better.
  • Verizon 3G, with all the V-Cast services– Services like V-Cast Music, Video, and Visual Voicemail.
  • Full Web Browser
  • Add-ons– Yeah, we wrote about this a lot in our previous post, and this is the reason why we called it the coolest phone ever!
  • MicroSD card slot with ability to up to 16 GB– Perfect for storing your music and videos for watch on the go.
  • GPS with Verizon Navigator
  • Customizable, and 3D “cube” homescreens- Every time you put on a new add-on, you get a menu to go with it. There also are standard menus where you just flick to change, these are more like individual homescreens for things like favorite apps, web browser shortcuts, and regular menu. Anyways, it’s pretty cool 😉
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Flash, Auto-Focus and Video capture

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  1. can you add applications to the the VERSA?

  2. Applications cannot be added to the Versa. Only applications from Verizon Wireless, like Visual Voicemail, VZ Navigator, and City ID, which can be added to almost any Verizon phone. For the $20 more, the Versa is a much better value than the Dare.

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